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What Next

Ms. K

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What do people do when they leave the teaching profession? I feel like teaching is the only thing I am qualified to do.


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Some suggestions...

Some of the retired teachers I know are now substitute teachers. They love it because there is no preparation, and if they want a day off then they just say that they can't sub that day. Others fill leaves for teachers on maternity or sick leaves, and some even tutor kids. :)


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I feel that way, too. I stopped working 7 years ago when my first child was born. I've entertained a few work ideas since but it always comes back to teaching. Last year as my oldest dd entered k I was approached by her teacher about filling the k-aide position at the school. I did, but only for that year; I had a baby in Oct. However, I took a course and a couple of tests to get recertified and suspect I'll be looking for a classroom position this year or next.

When my father retired from teaching he was all set to get a job that was more like a hobby. He had the qualifications, but I think his age is what kept him from getting hired anywhere. He took a few sub jobs but hated subbing. Granted, he was subbing in our local hs which was so different from where he taught for 40 years.

Good luck finding something you love!



What now?

Tutor, of course! There are many students who are not making the grade under NCLB whose parents are willing to pay for your services to help insure student success. Your district should have a list of tutors that you could be a part of, or advertise and be creative, start a DBA!



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This question always intrigues me as I dont want to teach in a classroom for 30 years. I want to retire early and go onto other things. I have found interesting leads in teaching for universities or becoming a student teacher supervisor. Another lead was training curriculum for textbook companies.


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look into non profits! I've always thought it would be cool to help run the education department of a non profit. Or maybe go into educational policy. As a former teacher you could really use your experiences to get a good job in either area. Many non-profits look for people with teaching experience to help them create educational materials to explain their organization.