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What science do you do in January?

Mrs. B

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I was thinking of doing units on bears and penguins, to keep with a winter type of theme. We just finished our unit on the different animal groups, so I thought this would be a nice segway into animals in winter and differnet animal homes.

Just curious to see what everyone else does for science...


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I wish we could do more creative units but we must use the science kits given to us by the district. I don't particulary like any of them because they require a lot of prep and dont seem to really have very much "meat" in the lessons. However the one I am beginning in January will cover the topic of weather. I personally think weather would better fit in spring when topics like thunderstorms and tornado safety are prevelant in the news, but i guess I have to do it now.

I also teach Kindergarten science and for them I will be doing a unit about the Sun, Moon, and Stars and maybe the planets. I tried to begin one of the units about shadows but it requires going outside and doing a lot with shadows and sunlight which is hard to do when it's cloudy, cold raining or snowing everyday! i guess noone really considers this when we get the kits????

The last unit I did with first grade before we left for winter break was earth materials. For Kindergarten we did seasons and weather and I went into a lot of detail about animals in winter - how they prepare for the winter - migration & where they go, hiberbation and the fact that bears are not the only hibernating animal, storing food, etc.. theres a great picture book to use called Animals in Winter.

good luck with your planning


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the district gives us no choice. We all do Force and Motion for a week, then switch to social studies and do Wants and Needs.


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force and motion

Hi! Do you have any good ideas/activities to share with force & motion?


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Penguin Ideas

PENGINS -I would choose a theme: Penguins (it's January and winter) Students present "Tacky the Penguin" by Helen Lester.... You will find it at http://teachers.net/lessons/posts/1129.html Make a copy for each student. Hi-lite the students part, helps them know when to speak. Ahead of time I would have students make Penguins by decorating empty toilet paper rolls, pattern at http://www.dltk-kids.com/t/animals/bpenguin.html Have finished penguins sitting around the room. I would have students read Penguin Pete series books or any penguin books in your library and for chapter reading “Mr. Popper's Penguin's”. (we are about half way, students love it) There is a great pattern at www.AtoZTeacherStuff.com I think it was under printables. Make a penguin book. You will find a pattern for a cover, page with lines, and a page without lines. www.billybear4kids.com/TinyTitles/shapePenguinUC.html also has a cute penguin book. Students might write a poem in their book or tell something about penguins. Our students are also going to copy a penguin poem on one page. The poem we are putting on one page of out Penguins books is: Five Little Penguins Dressed in Black... Five little penguins, dressed in white and black. Waddle, waddle forward and waddle right back! Five little penguins, in a funny pose, They are wearing their evening clothes. Their suits are black and their vest are white. They waddle to the left and they waddle to the right. They stand on the ice and they look very neat, As they waddle along on their ten little flat feet. One page will have the penguin’s facts (we will read together). One page will have a story problem. Example: 2 big penguins and 2 small penguins were eating krill. How many penguins were eating krill? And I will put four or five other 3+4 = ____ 5+2=___ and etc on the page We are going to do the work sheet "A Penguin Grows Up" But I don't know where I found it either. I am going to buy sugar cookies, the cheapest big round ones I can find. A can of chocolate frosting and a can of white frosting. Make an upside down V White for the penguin’s tummy; Cover the rest of the cookie with Chocolate frosting, wings. Add a chocolate cookie for the head. A red M and M for the mouth, and brown M and M's for the eyes, or you can use chocolate chips, or raisins for eyes, Pineapple tidbits or candy corn, for the beak, and feet. Students will decorate the cookies, as a fun project. Share a cookie, (have the cookie in a zip bag) a toilet paper penguin, and penguin book with your visitor. I would have a paper sack for her to put her penguins in. Take a brown sack, turn down the top to the inside --3 inches, punch holes in the top (2 on each side about 4 inches between holes, depends on the size of sack you use) and make handles, with cord. (like bags you buy). Paste a picture of a penguin on the bag. Or just buy a bag at a dollar store. We are in the middle of our penguin unit now. During recess we are going to have penguin races. Use plastic Easter Eggs. Put feet together and carry the eggs on the top of our feet like the father penguin, to a marked line and return to the start. Students get to keep the surprise inside. A piece of bubble gum. Eggs I'll save and use again next year. www.littlegiraffes.com has lots of cute penguin ideas –I sometimes have trouble opening this site. Do a search (little giraffes) click on Mrs. Flanigan’s Little Giraffes. Hope this helps. Petunia in Kansas.....