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??what to buy teacher for his wedding??



My daughter would like to give her male teacher a gift for his wedding. Do you have any ideas. -- We do not know his future wife>


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Something simple and sweet might be a Welcome slate with the family name on it. Or maybe a gift cenrtificate for them to take in a movie. I'm at sea otherwise.


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Gift Card

I would go with a gift card, since you don't know the fiancee and probably not their tastes. Something for a nice dinner, a home improvement store (if they're buying a house), or the movies.

If you would like something more personal, you could always get an engraved picture frame with their last name on it. I saw some that weren't very expensive at the mall, and they looked really pretty. They will need picture frames after all of that photography at the wedding :) I wish I had gotten a nice 8x10 frame.


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Another idea

A photo album might be appreciated. Some of the department stores carry metallic ones that look like a picture frame. We got several of these and used them for snapshots that friends took at our wedding and reception and for pictures that we took on our honeymoon.


Gift ...

That's so sweet of your daughter!! How about a gift certificate to the theatre? She could put together a gift bag, complete w/ the tickets, microwave popcorn and Twizzlers! Or ... she could give him a gift certificate to Barnes and Noble or a similar store where there's something for everyone. Or a gift card to Target (or again, another similar establishment where there's something for everyone). Hope this helps!


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gift idea

I like the idea of a movie night or other sort of "date" night.
Even being married, he is a teacher :p
Or a fun game night package with a board game and snacks.


Great Idea!

Java, your gift idea of a game and snack is terrific!


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I like the idea of a gift certificate. Also, maybe you could print off their registry (if you know where they might be registered) and find something on that. I'm not sure about your area, but in my area most people register at Target. You could take a look online (most stores have registries available online) or you could go to the store. That way you are sure to get something they need/like.

That is very thoughtful of your daughter.


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Gift Certificate...

When my husband and I got married (we are both teachers), his class threw us a "surprise" shower. Several of the kids bought items off our registry at the local stores. Check the registries for Target, Wal-Mart, and your local department stores. I'm sure they are registered at one of them.

If you couldn't find their selections at any local stores, I would definitely go with a gift certificate. You can never go wrong with a Wal-Mart gift certificate! Every newlywed couple has to make that dreaded first grocery shopping trip, where I know we spent a couple hundred dollars!! :eek: Lowes, Target, Home Depot, movie stores, etc. are all good choices too.

Personally, I would not go with a picture frame or album, especially if I didn't know the bride's home decor. I received several frames and albums that I did not need or use. You might buy a brass frame, and she may be decorating their home with silver. Also, the majority of my wedding pictures are in two huge albums from our wedding photographer (with our names and wedding date on the front). I wouldn't have needed another album or picture frame. Several of the ones I did get are still in their box in my attic!