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What to do when stress becomes overwhelming?


New Member
Lately, I seem to be very unmotivated about teaching and
education in general. I know it is because I am way too
bogged down with assignments for school and placement and I am always prepping for what is too come. Will all this stress ever
stop, or will being a teacher always be such a juggling
match, trying to manage work and a personal life? I want
so much to be a good teacher, but also a relaxed one.



Why don't you ask a teacher you admire who seems to have the qualities you desire? How do they deal with it? I'm sure you will get great advice.
As for me, I have my Elem. ed credential (1 year ago) but found that teaching wasn't for me. I liked the teaching part, but the hours were too much and I felt like I wouldn't have a life outside of work, so I returned to my previous job & am much happier now. But I think some folks are meant to be teachers & just need some good advice and encouragement. It's not easy being a teacher these days. Good luck!


You definitely need to take at least one day a week to relax even if you do not think you have the time - it will help a lot. I am a student teacher and I am always feeling stressed out but going out with friends once a week helps to come you down.

I am not sure that all the stress will ever go away especially not the first two years of the new job, but I am sure it will eventually calm down a bit - after you have been teaching for a while and you have all your lesson planned. Most of my college teachers who are also elementary teachers say that it never gets totally better. And testing time is especially stress full because you have to make sure that all your students will make the statewide assessment.

However, if you love teaching and you love helping the children then stay in there. You will eventually come through feeling great about helping others. And rememeber to relax and make time for yourself every now and then!!!


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The best way I have found to relax is to get excercise. I try to go to the gym and/or get outside even if its for a walk. I can tell a big difference when I don't.