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What to send to guy in Iraq?



I am "talking" to a guy in Iraq. He's been gone for about a month. I wanted to have my students make him something, or just send him some stuff. What do you think would be good? Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks!


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Stuff to Send to Iraq

My job is on a U.S. Army Post in Germany. Many of my 3rd grade students said that they send, (with their mothers' and/or fathers' help), dry drink mixes (like Country Time, Kool-Aid, etc.) and hard candies to their parent in Iraq. They also said they send pictures, both photos and hand drawn, and many send cookies of some sort. I know that at Christmas when we send things, I have had Crossword Puzzle books, and even comics come in. All of these are appreciated.

Hope this helps.



Care package

Letters, sugar-free Kool-Aid and prepared powders for water, a deck of cards, cookies and non-melting candies as suggested, news mags with current events, a couple of newspapers, non-melting power bars or nutrition bars, snack crackers...would all be useful and appreciated.


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My husband wants toothpaste, deo, and handi wipes all the time. Also most of the guys love just any letter or card from kids that let them know they are appreciated :)


What to send

Last year my class corresponded with a soldier in Iraq and he talked about watching movies. Apparently many of the soldiers have access to DVD players. It is funny you should mention Kool aid. When my brother was in Vietnam we would put a packet of kool aid in every letter because the water was horrible.


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My nephew

is there now. I send him the instant soup in a cup. I also send him the daily newspaper so he can read about current events going on here at home.

Marie from PA


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more to his liking

My sisters fiance asked for these particular things: cigars, cigarettes, tiny airplane bottles of alcohol that are well hidden because they aren't supposed to have them really ( don't burn me on this one this is just his request list!) the newest motorcycle and or car magazines, hand sanitizer, fresh baked cookies, a mixed CD of the newest songs, iced tea mix, gum, lifesavers, fresh socks, body wipes, and last but not least .. mashmellow peeps hahha. I just sent him this stuff this week and he was thrilled.


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things to send

The first grade classes at my school just had a "Support the Troop" mission. We collected 12 boxes that I finally was able to ship yesterday after gathering enough donations from local businesses. I am so relieved to have all that stuff shipped. I never thought we would collect that much stuff.

Here are some of the things I requested people to send it:
*** Oatmeal, Pop-Tarts, Crackers, Canned food (Ham, Vienna Sausages, Soup, Spam, beanie weenies), Cookies, Beef Jerky, granola bars, powdered drink mixes, pringles, applesauce, sunflower seeds, peanuts, hard candy, crossword/word search puzzlebooks, Wipes, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss, q-tips, lip balm, Trial Size bottles of Shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream ***

Our classes made them cards & wrote letters, which I made into a book.

Best of Luck!