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what to serve at b-day party


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I am having one of my daughters 3rd birthday party at a waterpark. The air-conditioned birthday party room is from 10am until noon. Then the kids are free to play at the waterpark.
What should I serve at the party? We can bring our own food. I plan on bringing the cake (of course) and juicy pouches, water bottles, but what about food? Too early for pizza? Should I just serve cake and snacks?


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If you serve food later....

If you start serving food about 11:15 or so, it's not too early for pizza. I'm wondering though, will moms accompany their 3 year olds? I wouldn't want to to have to supervise that age group in the water.


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Sack Lunches

Pizza is always a hit. The timing is fine, too.

Another option is sack lunches, with cute animal sacks (or not). Smucker's PBJ sandiwiches are always a hit. Serve with fruit (individual pre-cut servings, or bananas), pre-cut veggies (I've seen individual packs of carrots & sugar snap peas at Kroger & Wal-Mart), juice boxes, small water bottles, or individual [chocolate] milk; whole grain pretzles or crackers & cheese sticks or cubes; individual yogurt or frozen go-gurt...

(Find out if any child has food allergies; substitute accordingly.)

Rule of thumb: keep it simple. Have fun. Put someone else in charge of pictures or videos.

At 3 years old, each guest must be accompanied by a responsible adult in charge at all times.

Sounds like a blast!