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What's for dinner this next week?


Ima Teacher

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I fell off my calorie-counting wagon, then it ran me over.

This week we will probably eat from the freezer and pantry, even if that means we will be eating random things because we are going to be in New York part of the week. Here’s what I’m thinking for the week.
  • cauliflower crust frozen pizza from Costco
  • breakfast sandwiches
  • soup & sandwich


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OMGoodnesss! I am already sorry that I way overcooked for Thanksgiving!
Turkey is healthy enough, but I put pecans, brown sugar, butter, on yams and then melted marshmallows in a huge pan.
Only 1/2 of it got eaten or taken home on plates.
I know it will not freeze good, and I feel guilty wasting them. At the same time, I feel like I am eating crustless pie to get rid of them.
I think I will be eating and freezing turkey for sure.
Next week, I will go with more light dishes like Asian chicken salad and soups. I realize that I do not feel my best when I eat too much of the wrong stuff.


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I'm going out to dinner tonight so I only have one thing planned so far and that’s for tomorrow. I have 2 pounds of salmon marinating now and I will throw it in the smoker tomorrow. Then I will roast asparagus and carrots and some potatoes.

Yesterday I made an easy Mediterranean roasted veggie pasta with bread and a salad.


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Since my husband has Covid, we are staying home. We have been eating leftovers from Thanksgiving, but after today they are either going in the freezer or getting pitched if they don't freeze. My husband bought lots of chicken on sale that is now fills the freezer so I know we will be eating chicken all week. I hope someone responds with some interesting ideas!


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The only thing I know for sure is spaghetti with meat sauce. I'm tired of mashed potatoes, stuffing, veggies, etc. Give me some pasta! lol


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cheese enchiladas with refried beans

smoked pork chops and green beans with mushrooms

chicken teriyaki stir fry with sticky rice and vegetables

salmon w broccolini

carna gasada beef tacos with avocado slice and pico

crockpot chicken chili and green salad

spaghetti/ green salad


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We have leftover ham from our dinner which I think will be breakfast burritos.

My DD 1 brought over pounds of brisket and pulled pork which we can eat for a few days plus put some in the freezer.


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Haven't thought about it much, but I'm thinking:
-fish (salmon in the freezer)
-baked spaghetti
-naan pizza
-pesto tortellini
I need to round things out tomorrow, then hit DH up for a Kroger run.


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I am making Budget Bytes Country Breakfast Bowls for breakfasts next week, but using 1/2 egg whites 1/2 regular eggs.

I haven't planned past that, but thinking something easy like Egg Roll in a Bowl for lunches, and Gyro salads for dinner.


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Sunday: Salmon
Monday: Costco chIcken
Tuesday: rice, chickpeas, squash, kale casserole
Wednesday: beef chili
Thursday: fish tacos
Friday: roasted squash, lentil soup
Saturday: nachos

Every week, I aim for one each of beef, pork, chicken and 2 fish, 2 vegetarian for dinner.


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Well, I'm taking turkey sandwiches for lunch Monday and Tuesday!

Tomorrow I am making 13-bean and ham soup with leftover ham for dinner--along with some cornbread.

I have no idea what DH will be whipping up/picking up for dinner M-Th--sometimes if there is a great sale, I'll tell him what we're having, but...*shrugs*.


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Hmmm, I made turkey soup today, so we'll be eating that some. I have cooked so much in the last 4 days, and we have a ton of food in the fridge, so we may be having a lot of leftovers. Spaghetti & meatballs, stuffing, turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, turkey soup.


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Wow GreenBunny I admire your plan! I need to use that strategy.

I only planned a turkey pot pie to use up most of leftovers for today. A pot of chili sounds really good for this week too!


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I’m making lentil and beef soup and spicy marinated chicken with mango salsa. Depending how much chicken is left I may make enchiladas and frijoles charros.


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Mon - I made a big pot of beans with the leftover ham bone from Thanksgiving. Of course, we have to have cornbread with it. Yum!
Tues - Leftovers with a salad
Wed - Zuppa Toscano soup with salad
Thur - Omelets with fruit
Fri - Mexican food at our fav restaurant