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What's in, What's out, on TV?


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Here's my list:

Out: Desperate Housewives. Is anyone else done with this show? I loved it last year, but this year I think it's just annoying. After last night's episode, I don't care if I ever see it again.

Out: Prison Break--I'm losing interest in that one too.

In: House, Boston Legal, 24, Grey's Anatomy. I kinda like the new show What About Brian.

That new show about teachers was just awful. Watched the first episode and never again.

What shows are on your TV "In" and "Out" list?


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Only watched one epsiode of Desperate Housewives.

Love House and Survivor. Lost if something happens. Amazing Race and Grey's Anatomy and ER.
All Law and Order and any British comedy. :)


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Loved Desperate Housewives last year- not at all this year. Definitely out.

I watched 1 episode of the new teacher show and got irritated. I know it seems petty, but it makes me crazy to watch a Hollywood teacher show with teachers dressed in $600 outfits and eating peaceful lunches while they discuss love lives and world problems!

Totally hooked on American Idol, 24 (because of husband), Law and Order in all its glory and ER.

If you ever want to feel sick about how shallow some teenagers can be- check out "My Super Sweet 16" on MTV. HOLY COW!



What's this Hollywood teacher show? I've never heard of it! When and what channel is it on? I'd love to check it out for a laugh!


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in & out

In: Grey's Anatomy, My Name is Earl, The Office, The Amazing Race, Boston Legal
Out: ER, Law & Order, Desperate Housewives, (There are way too many CSI's and Law & Orders for me. I also think a lot of the crime solving shows look pretty much the same.)


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In: My Name is Earl, Everybody Hates Chris, Apprentice

Out: Survivor, Teachers, ER-is that still on??

Not sure if I like Idol anymore either


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In: My Name is Earl (in a big way because it is so refreshing to see a new comedy that is really funny and original)

Out: I am over some of my guilty pleasures like Real World and Surreal World. I don't even watch it on commercial breaks from my other shows! I am just over reality shows in general and long for the good old days when there were lots funny comedies.


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My husband and I

desperately try not to turn the TV on at night, because we get sucked in with one of our favorite shows almost every night!

IN: My Name is Earl, The Office, Grey's Anatomy, Scrubs, Boston Legal (I don't even like law shows but this one cracks me up!), Wife Swap, and What About Brian?, and old Friends episodes.

OUT: Desperate Housewives, Extreme Home Makeover, Saturday Night Live (Can they get some funny writers for once?).


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In: Desperate Housewives (but its on its way out), West Wing (only 2 episodes left), Medium, Deal or No Deal, Lost, Top Chef, Survivor, Reba, ER, Amazing Race

Out (okay, never in - refuse to watch these): My Name is Earl (hate it), American Idol, American Inventor


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In- NCIS, Survivor, Cold Case, Flip This House, Antiques Roadshow, This Old House, CSI (sometimes)

Out- ER (big fan before they got rid of the original (good) actors), Home Makeover (too unrealisitc), CSI spin-offs- Others I ams ure, but I certainly have my regulars so forget what else is on...

USED to LOVE 7th Heaven, but moved and do not get it on my current channel selection.!!


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Spring T.V.Watching

The only thing that is on our TV in the evenings is HOCKEY, HOCKEY, HOCKEY!!

I have to tape anything else I want to watch, but I usually don't have time to watch it later.



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In: Boston Legal,American Idol, Prison Break, House, Monk, Grey's Anatomy

Out: any CSI, survivor, Wheel of Fortune, Deal or No Deal


Out: Alias (even though I still watch it - as a devoted fan, I have to see it to the end), CSI Miami and New York, Survivor (enough already!)

In: Lost (love it!), The Unit, Grey's Anatomy, Numb3rs, NCIS

Note, these shows are only on ABC or CBS because those are the only two channels I get. I don't have a clue about any other networks!


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I love NCIS (I love Mark Harmon) and My name is Earl. I also like How I Met Your Mother (Neil Patrick Harris as Barney just cracks me up). I am also in love with all those shows on HGTV that redo your house on a budget (sensible chic, design on a dime, my first place). I get lots of great ideas for decorating on a budget.

I also love Entourage - Jeremy Piven is hilarious!
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Mrs. G

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Maybe I am in the minority here, but I like the new Teachers sitcom. My husband used to teach and I still teach. We crack up watching it. I work with a very humorous team at my school and can relate to some of the humor here. I take it for what it is- a sitcom made to make people laugh. That is exactly what it does for me. Someone asked when it was on. In my area it is on Tuesday's at 9:30 on NBC.

I am not as hooked on Survivor as I used to be. I have missed too many episodes this season. I Still watch Desperate Housewives, but agree it is not as exciting this season.:D


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I kind of feel like Siskel and Ebert, but....

here goes anyway....

In: Dr. Phil, What About Brian?, Adventures of the new Christine (but if they show one more rerun, I may have to put it on the out list), Desperate Housewives, (I thought Sunday night's show was really good, considering the previous week's of the flashbacks), American Idol (c'mon y'all....Idol will be over soon....only 5 left)

OUT: Jerry Springer (thanks goodness...I could not stand to flip the channels and see some lady showing everything the good Lord gave her for another show), Maury Povich (you know...the one that it seems like every episode is about paternity tests, and shows couples arguing over who may/may not be their baby's daddy, and some times the woman has to come back to the show a second or third time to try another guy, and see if HE's their baby's daddy), I just don't "get" medium....maybe it's me, but that show seems pretty boring. Oh, and let's not forget "My name is Earl", I mean haven't we all learned what the plot of the show is by now, and that ex-wife of his has THE MOST annoying voice.
I liked American Inventor, right up until they got rid of my favorite pick, (my husband and I called him "the shoveler"), the guy with the shovel that could fill sand bags quick, and he's the guy who got to go and test it out with professional sandbaggers down in St. Bernard, or as people down there say, "da parish")...p.s....the guy with the sand bagging device was quicker....three times quicker....and they still sent him packing. I gave up on that show after that...that broke my heart that he lost, that was something that I thought could've really helped people who are proned to flooding, so as far as I'm concerned it's out.



Everwood Is In Watch It!

The best show on TV is Everwood! It is soooooooooo good. Rent the first season and you will love it.

ALSO IN Grey's Anatomy - these are the only 2 shows I really care about.

I dont like Desp. Housewives anymore. I think CSI Miami is really stupid. I used to like it but I tried watching it again last night and it is really far fetched and has ridiculous plot lines. the sorprano's use to be good but it's kinda boring now.

I watch Texas holdem poker when it's on Wed nights.


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What I watch each week:
Desperate Housewives (unless it's a flashback episode, I still watch)
Grey's Anatomy
New Adventures of Old Christine
How I Met Your Mother
King of Queens
Still Standing (when it's on)
TLC & HGTV decorating shows - my guilty pleasure

The teacher sitcom isn't that great, but I watched the 2nd episode anyway because some parts are kind of funny.


Love Ghost Whisperer

Anyone else watch this show? I LOVE it!! I used to love Joan of Aracadia, but they took that one off. I love the other worldly stuff. Just my personal opinion. This is about the only show I have to watch every week. Two kids....Friday night....Not much ambition by Friday p.m. Want to just veg and watch TV.



My list

In: Big Love (I am not sure why), Top Model, Apprentice, Girlfriends, Desperate Housewives (I still love it, but it is a little slow this year) Boston Legal (when I remember)

Out: All reality except the two I mentioned!


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I don't watch any prime time shows...

...but I do like to watch Ghost Hunters sometimes and I love the medical shows on Discovery and TLC and the murder/crime shows on those, too. I also like to watch shows about ghosts, Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, etc.

I absolutely DESPISE any "reality TV".

We usually watch old Seinfeld reruns or the first 2 years of THAT 70's SHOW (when it was still a sitcom and not a soap opera--same thing happened to FRIENDS). We like SpongeBob, too!


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My List

IN: Lost (appointment tv), Prison Break (LOVE IT!!), Invasion, Medium, Amazing Race, House (My new favorite), Grey's Anatomy, Survivor, CSI (Las Vegas, the original), Ghost Whisper

Secretly IN: Supernatural (I can't help but love this show!), America's Next Top Model (Guilty pleasure), 8th & Ocean (another Guilty Pleasure)

OUT: Desperate Housewives, Alias, Real World, All new reality actually, American Idol (getting a bit old....we watch a bit, but totally channel flip through it all)

Oh yeah....and BIG LOVE....it is so fascinating....We can't stop watching it!


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IN: House, Medium (my husband hates both of these, tho'), Little People/Big World on TLC, Myth-BUsters on Discovery, and any true-life medical shows.( I know-we're weird-we like to watch surgery!) I am a BIG sucker for most oldies movies on TCM.

OUT: Desperate Housewives(can't stand it), Earl, The Office, most everything else. Hubby is stuck on WWII documentary shows-YUK!


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I like Big Love too! I don't have any friends that like it though--no one I know has HBO. I think it is a pretty good soap opera.

I've never watched a whole Desparate Housewives episode. I try not to get interested in shows that come on at 10:00.

I DO like Gilmore Girls.

I have never watched American Idol, but boy is it popular! I like to watch America's Next Top Model. We don't have a UPN station so it comes on our FOX station at 11:00 at night. I tape it and watch it on the weekend sans commercials. I don't think any of the finalists have anything special this season. The tall blonde is the most model-y looking, but she seems to not have the right stuff. I cannot believe that the duplicitous Jade will be ANTM. Who do you think it will be?