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What's your side hustle?


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Teachers have more side hustles than lifers in prison. What do you do on the side for extra cash? Do you quilt (for money)? Drive for Uber? Tutor in-person or online? Make shirts? Work at Target? Bartend? Wait tables two nights a week? Sponsor a trivia night? Sell on TPT? Sell for Avon/Rodan and Fields/Mary Kay? Sell on Etsy? Something else?

I've just been approved to tutor online through two companies. I used to tutor for another in college, but I think that site may have closed. I am wanting to start a TPT store.

I'm not asking you to share your links or promote yourself in any way. I'm pretty sure that's against PT rules.


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Not really for cash, but...

I type and compose professional letters, mostly for colleagues. I accept an exchange of taking a certain number of after school duties rather than cash, which I actually prefer! Sometimes people will ask me to look over their teen's essays and reports and make suggestions. I look over a lot of college application packets.

The most recent item I composed was an appeal to a local business for donations of supplies for our school. I did that one for free because I basically type the same letter every year with minor adjustments.

So yeah, I wouldn't really call this a hustle. :D


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online ESL teaching

I teach English to children in China online. ViPkid is the most well-known company, but I work for a different company. Pretty similar and I honestly enjoy it.

Ima Teacher

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Nothing for me.

Our little town is oversaturated with people selling Scentsy, Paparrazi, Rodan & Fields, Avon, Mary Kay, Lularoe, Thirty-One, Younique, Limelife, Thrive, and some stuff people mix with water that they swear will make weight drop off like nothing. :rolleyes:

Anyone on FB who posts their sales pitch stuff to their personal page constantly or sends me messages or add me to a group gets hidden. I do buy some things, but I know who sells it and will go looking for them.

Sorry . . . tangent. :o

Anyway, I don’t have a side hustle. I will occasionally make vinyl stickers with my Cricut or do small sewing projects for people. That’s more of a hobby than a job.

If I lived in a bigger town, I might be interested in a side job like working in a bookstore or clothing store. However, at this point in my life I’ll probably just keep on without an extra job.


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I tutor privately. I work at a Title I school but we still get tons of parents looking for tutoring each year. It’s decent money and flexible.


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Nothing now. Years ago ( almost 20) I did a couple summers working at a video store. You know, those things that basically don't exist anymore LOL


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Side Gigs

I used to tutor but stopped doing it. I was too tired after school to do more teaching. The money was great, however. Around here tutors make $75-$100 an hour.


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"side hustle" LOL

1. i belong to the rewards site Swagbucks. (there are a few of these in existence, but i believe SB is the largest and most well-known.) there are a few different ways on the site you can earn money. (you build up swagbucks and turn them in for electronic gift cards.) one of the biggest is taking surveys (learn and influence new products, TV shows, your experience with companies and your perceptions--sometimes you can an in-home use survey). another way to earn swagbucks is buy doing your online shopping--at various stores--through the SB site. (this month i made almost $5 by purchasing clothes for DGD for christmas, bedding set for when DS/DIL/DGD move in with us, and additional towels for them--through JCP's and Macy's--where i would have purchased anyway) mostly i "watch" (run while i'm doing other things) videos on my laptop and phone. during the school year i make enough swagbucks to buy $25-30 in gift cards--i get $25 to Safeway for DS away at college. during winter break and summer i might earn enough to make $50. this june i was able to receive $25 Red Robin gift card, $10 ColdStone, and $5 Amazon.

2. i sell things on 2 private buy/trade/sell Facebook groups--one for the local area and one for area teachers. i mostly sell stuff i no longer use but also presents i don't want. occasionally i will buy something at a thrift store that is cheap but i know will go for more. (for example, i just bought a Staples Better Binder for $.80 that i will be able to sell for $2-3). i don't do this a lot or make a lot of money doing it (takes a lot of time!) but i know some people do the buy/resale online thing for their job!


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I don't have one. I would love to tutor, but there doesn't seem to be a market for elementary tutoring in my area. It's all things like HS math or ACT/SAT prep. Those online companies don't pay enough, IMO, especially given that you have to do the tutoring in the middle of the night!

I always did summer school and it was great money; but my district quit offering it. They brought back some 2 week program this summer with extremely limited spots (2 teachers for the entire district); I interviewed and didn't get hired. After hearing more about the job, I wasn't that sorry.

The two teachers would have 50 kids in grades K-4 all mixed together and one teacher would be in charge of reading and one would be in charge of math. They picked these 50 kids at random based on data- no checking with their teachers and determining who might not be the best fit for summer school due to behavior, who probably shouldn't be together, etc. I learned after the interview that they wanted this program to be "fun" and run more like a "camp" (probably why I didn't get it, I didn't understand that prior to interviewing). Yet they're expecting huge magical data gains with 2 weeks of 4 hour school days :confused:.

My school got a grant to run after school programs this year. I'm hoping I'll get to do one of the programs and that the money is good. I'm really hoping it's the same as our homebound tutoring rate (I got to do that briefly, but it's rare for students to need it), which is $38/hr. I probably won't consider it if it's too much less than that- not worth it to do more teaching after a long day of school.

Like a pp, I am completely sick of people shilling beachbody and ItWorks and other MLM nonsense on FB. I've unfollowed several people because all of their posts were selling things.


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Side hustle

I teach college English for a local community college. I usually teach online and have been doing that for 14 years.

I also score scholastic publications such as yearbooks and newspapers for national organizations like Quill & Scroll.

The money is not great in either instance, but the experience is wonderful!


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Side hustle

I used to tutor back in my younger years. Now my side hustle is anything extra the district wants teachers to do in exchange for pay. I usually only work the jobs that give per diem pay and not the hourly rate. I made enough this year to pay for the exterior painting of my house.


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Side hustle

I cook\bake for others. I love to do it and others don’t LOL

I teach after school programs and summer school when I can.

Cat woman

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Side Hustles

I have been a bartender and a waitress for numerous establishments. I did a brief stint selling cosmetics (when I think back that I did that I just shake my head <!--eyebrow-->).

I am semi retired now, but even now when I see a sign posted stating that they are taking applications I always say to my DH, “I should apply for that job.” He doesn’t “get” it so I don’t apply. I guess in my family we always had at least two jobs!


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1) I write curriculum for my city
English and math.
2) I edit the city's math assessments over.summer.
3) I sell things on mercari/Ebay/offerup
4) I am a perfectly posh consultant

My husband grades ESL essays for ets and also works for zerochaos.com as his side hustles. He also buys legos at yard sales and resells them for way more on the online Lego marketplace. Most recently someone paid him $75 for a mini figure that came in a 100lb bucket of legos he paid $50 for. Then he sold the rest of the legos for $150.


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Side hustle

I married for money. LOLLOL

Not really, but I was fortunate that DH made enough money that I could teach for peanuts at a school I loved. I think it’s terrible that people with a professional career need a side hustle. :p


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side hustle

I'm an online intuitive eating counselor. I have really pared it down though since I wasn't really enjoying it. I would have made some good money if I wanted to though!


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Extra money

Here’s what I do:

School Related - Coaching, new student orientation camps

Non-school related - House sitting, Shipt shopper (haven’t done this since last fall)

None of these are a necessity, but things I just happened to be approached about doing. Extra money never hurts!


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I’ve done a bunch

Several years ago I worked at a shoe store at the mall. Last year I worked at our local college at the Home football games in the parking lot. I check permits for them to park. I also tutor. This summer I taught summer school and am directing camp Invention next week. I haven’t had much of a summer but I needed the money to fund some extra expenses we have. I will work the football games again this fall.


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I’m making extra money by selling things I need to get rid off on Facebook Marketplace. We are cleaning out and getting ready to downsize. I’ve made $700 since I started in May and should hit $1,000 by the end the of the summer.


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I laughed when I read that your first idea for making extra money was quilting! That's what I do!

I started a quilting business about 10 years ago, when I was still a stay at home mom. I have one of those HUGE quilting machines and finished others' quilts. I still do a little bit of quilting for some extra money, but not nearly as much as I used to.