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When is your spring break?



I am sooo happy to be on Spring Break April 3-7th. I live in Georgia

When is yours?


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What Spring Break?!

We don't have any, and have only Fri and Mon for Easter....:(

Indiana Jen

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I'm on spring break right now, I don't have to go back to school until April 10th. The downer is that my wonderful darlings made me sick! Nothing like starting spring break with a horrible headcold and strep throat! I love my students! :mad: (I really do like them, just not for making me sick)


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Ours is right now

We are out this week. Our district has ours way later than the neighboring districts. We go back April 10.


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Spring Break

We also get Good Friday and the following week (April 14-23). I can't wait because we are going on a 7 night Eastern Caribbean cruise!!!! :p Our state testing starts Monday, so we will all be ready for a week off!

Ms. K

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Mine starts Tuesday (Monday is teacher training) and we get three weeks, so I don't have to go back until April 24th. I am so ready for a break, but if it doesn't stop raining here I'm going to have to get in my car and drive until I can find some sun! After break there are only 8 weeks left or 42 days.


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Can't Wait!

My break starts the week of the 10th. I wish we had off the day after Easter for I am the one that cooks the big meal. Oh well, I will just have to pace myself. I don't have any plans for the week-- just going to relax.


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Can't wait!

We always have the second week in April. My school system did that so you could make plans. It's great.


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spring break

I've been out this past week and head back tomorrow (April 3). It ought to be interesting because our state just went through a time change - the first in over 30 years for us. Our district is giving the kids a week's grace in tardies (go figure) in case they forget to set their clocks ahead one hour.


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Spring break ends today!

I also go back tomorrow, April 3. I'm not too bummed because it's only 6 more weeks until summer and they will be filled with awards, sports activities, field trips, etc...

Mrs. G

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Last day

Today is my last day of spring break. I can't believe how quickly the week went! I keep telling myself only 7 more weeks of school and then summer vacation! I think I can make it until then.:s)


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Spring Break starts April 17! I can't wait! =)
It's so neat to hear how so many schools are different!

One post said 3 weeks off! Wow - that must be like coming back and trying to start all over again!


I go back tomorrow! April 3

And then we have 9 weeks left! I can't beleive some schools only have 7 weeks left. It's amazing. We get out June 2nd and I was thankful that this is early for us!


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Our Break

We have Good Friday and the following week off and then back to school until our last day, May 26. I can't wait! :)



Our Spring was this past week! We have an Easter break coming as well, with Good Friday and the Monday after Easter off. I personally would love to have the week long break a little later when the weather is nice! Our weather was pretty rainy! I love spending time outside in nice weather during spring break!


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almost there

This is our last week before Spring break!!! We're out from the 10th - 17th. Our last day of school is June 15th.


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Spring Break

Spring break seems like forever away, but at least we're finally to April now. We get Good Friday and the week after Easter as our spring break.


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Going back tomorrow...

We have been off for the past two weeks and go back tomorrow. Then we also get the Good Friday and the day after Easter off. Our last day is June 8th. :)


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Lucky YOU!!!!

Ours was March 20 - 24th. It was sooooooo cold! What beautiful weather you are enjoying. Have a great week off. :)



Ours is right now!! We go back Apr. 10th. THen, a week of intense review :-(, then the state testing!!! After that, only 5 weeks of school (we get out at the end of May before Memorial Day). After testing, it will be fun to do more relaxed activities and Mother's Day stuff. So, only 7 weeks of school left when we go back Mon. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! :) I must be sick- I'm already looking forward to next year's class!