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When students miss class?


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The one thing I have not yet adjusted to is when the kids leave for individual band and orchestra lessons. Then they have whole group band and orchestra practice as well. I think that they need to responsbile for the class time they miss b/c otherwise I miss teaching time 3 days a week for group practices. 4th grade teachers... how do you handle this in your own classrooms?


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Silent read or packets

depending on the time my kids are gone, I have th class either silent read or work on their independent grammar mechanics packet or their math packet. They are both on-going thourhg the ranking period.


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I hate this

I have kids leaving at all different times. If I had them do independent work whenever someone was at music I woudln't teach at all on Mondays.

What I have been doing is making a "While you were out" page where I list what they missed while they were at music and they are required to get it from another child or complete it on their own for homework.


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I do what saraebeth does. I still continue with class and the students are responsible for the work. One other thing our band teacher does for us is use a rotating schedule so the students don't miss the same thing each time they leave. For example, we have the time slots of 11:00, 11:30, 1:00 and 1:30 for lessons and winds, percussion, woods, and one more. The types of instruments rotate through the times.


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me again

I see that it would be hard with kids leaving at all different times. At my school, the band and chorus students all went together by grade level. Chorus leaves on Mondays from 10-11 and Band leaves Thursdays from 1-2. So I am left with maybe 8 kids. that is why I have them work alone.


fourth grade chorus

At the school where I am teaching they have to try out for chorus so I only had three of my fourth graders in it. They practiced one day a week from 3:00 to 4:45. The parents were responsible for picking them up AFTER school. The fourth graders are not in band.