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When to tell...


Job search

I am going to be looking for a new job for next year. Right now I am a first grade teacher and I want to become a special education teacher. When would the best time to tell the school that I am in? I need them to fill out a reference letter.


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Can you wait till March or April? Becaues that's when many schools I believe starting posting positions. Right now seems too soon...<!--schoolbus-->


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You can ask for a reference letter at any time. Is the letter for your college to get into the special ed. program? You stated you wanted to become a special ed. teacher. That will take probably at least 2 more years of college to complete the requirements.


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if she is already a certified teacher, she can add the SpEd certification by Praxis. I was Elem Ed, Gr 1-8 and added SpEd cert in MO with just two Praxis tests. You can check the www.ets.org website for more information. I would recommend going with Cross Categorical, K-12 for the best future plans.


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Is that true for all states, though? Or, even if it's true for some states, is that only for emergency licensure?