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Where are you all?! :)

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I know several LMSs were around the boards over the summer...I would love to hear from you all. Like others who posted then, I am new to the library and would appreciate a place to vent (seems regular classsroom teachers can't understand our position), share ideas, ask questions, and forth.

So, how are things? :)

LMS forever

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I was wondering where everyone was also. I am a first timer after 14 years in 4th grade, I am in a K-2 library. 34 classes a week including one self contained class.
I have been BUSY. I put stickers on all holiday, birthday and sports books. What a help. K does not check out. But when a 1st or 2nd grader says I want a .... (some holiday) book. I tell them to check the labels. They love it and so does my assistant.
We are about to start AR for 1st and 2nd so I am a little worried about time. I am also working on planning my first book fair. Lots to do. Never a dull moment.
That said. I LOVE my job. With a total of 725 students in a town of about 15,000, I can't go to any local store without hearing, "You go to my school, That's my library teacher", or some other comment from a small child. Fun, fun, Fun.


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Ditto these sentiments

LMSforever--sounds like you are off to a great start. This is my 13th year teaching and I was 12 years in 5th grade, so I hear you about the fresh start. Wow--over 700 students in grades K-2...wowowowowow! We only have 360 in grades K-5. You are superwoman. What, exactly, is AR? I have seen it everywhere and from what I gather it's both good and bad! Can you explain?

Yes, Big Books and I have been in touch a lot, but we would love to make this group bigger!!;)

LMS forever

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Accelerated Reader - the students read a book on their level and then take a , multiple choice quiz on the book. They earn points, prizes, and recognition. When used correctly, it encourages reading with positive reinforcement. There is a minimum passing score for the test.


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New to the library too

I have been trying to peek in to this board also. I am new to library after 12 years in classroom. I have 700 students first through fifth grade. Luckily I only see each class every other week. that gives me some time to take care of the many, many extras. I love AR when it is done right!! Having a classroom perspective is a mixed blessing when you are the librarian. My first book fair is coming up in three weeks---getting nervous about that!

LMS forever

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Book Fair and a question

I am planning on trying a book fair also. We do not have approval for AR yet so it is on the back burner. I still have about 100 of the 725 that have not turned in book checkout permission slips.
Ideas? We have sent a reminder note and a second slip. One class only has 10 out of 24 checking out books.
I know these going to the shelves are 1st and 2nd graders, but how do I keep stop them from replacing books backwards. I can't stand with every child, there is not enough time in 40 minutes for the lesson and individual checkout. I have 4 or 5 at various shelves to watch while checking them out as they find their books.


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Good to hear from you all.

I have a little under 600 students K through five and I see each class once a week (plus a see four random classes twice a week). It would be amazing to have open time instead of those four extra classes. To whine a little bit, I hate it because while I do get a planning at the end of the day, my planning is never used for planning my lessons...far too many other "business" things to do. I have started to put a closed sign on the doors during my planning on some more stressful days because I just can't do it all...and the sign is still often ignored which is difficult when I am on the phone with Scholastic or pulling books for teachers. I guess I'm a bit jealous because the music, art, and PE teacher sure don't have kids and teachers "bugging" them during their planning. Anyway! :)


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I'm here!

it's been a busy start of the year. This is my second as a MLS, and my second year at this MS school. I love it. I have about 750 students, I see them every other week for classes, and I'm open every morning during home room for students to check out books, we have some big readers at this school. I don't have an aid at the moment, but due to a summer disaster, I should have one within the next week or two.

LMS forever, have you tried using shelf markers with the little kids? get a bunchh of paint sticks, and show the students how to place the shelf marker on the shelf where they removed the book. As far as books going in spine first, it just takes lots of examples and demonstrations, eventually they'll get it! I use shelf markers with my MS students, they like them. I put different stickers on them, some have favorites.

We recently finished our book fair. I really don't like doing it. Scholastic wants lots of student involvement, which we can't do because of all the testing at the start of the year. it disrupts my teaching schedule, and it's a lot of work for very little profit. However, this year the online book fair is doing kind of well.

keep in touch!


LMS forever

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I Need to check that out

I do use shelf markers. Reminding them dozens of times. I need to check into the online book fair. Sounds easier than in the library.


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I'm here too!

I'm here! I actually read this days ago and just realized that I meant to post, but didn't. That is just how crazy my mind has been recently.

My first month as a Media Specialist has been crazy, but a lot of fun. I posted before about my Library being a disaster when I took the position. It is still a work in progress, but it is getting better.
According to the report I just pulled, circulation is way up compared to this time last year. That makes me very happy.
I have a clerk who has been with me for about two weeks and she is AMAZING. She is a retired teacher and I think that most days she gets way more done than I do. (I am teaching classes while she works on projects for us.)
The school has not had an AR incentive program before. I have begun implementing one and hope that it picks up soon. It has been hard getting it started and just getting all the classes to take the STAR reading test.
My first Book Fair is next week. We are also having a Family Reading Night to go along with Book Fair. I am nervous and very busy getting everything ready.
In all, everything is going well and I am looking forward to another week of progress!


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On line book fair

I think the only way you can do the online fair is to have a real book fair in your school. You could try another company for book fairs. I know Amazon has an online way for parents to buy books for the library, I think it's called Bookworm. Follett also has a type of online wish list that I quickly looked at. I'm in an urban district, the recession hit us hard, but things are perking up, so the Follettwish list thing may be a good option for us. it allows me to have some control over donations.

I don't do AR at this school, I don't like it. I do have students write book reviews, teachers also encourage this and wrie some them selves. I post them either on a bulletin board or in the catalog - students choice. So far I've had an excellent response.



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New to Library Also

While I thought I would love being in the Library, I am very stressed. There is so much to do and not enough time in the day.
My library was a disaster when I came in. Tons of books needed to be shelved and even the books on the shelf were not in order. It took me until yesterday to have all of the books in order and on the shelf and I was so happy. Then I had a first grade class and within minutes books were in the wrong place. I use shelf markers but they just shove the books wherever. I would love to know how others manage little one's checking out. I don't have an assistant so I have been struggling.
I am in a K-8 school. I am struggling with what to teach. When the books weren't ready to be checked out I decided to read books, kind of like guided reading but whole class. I figured. we are in the library, we mind as well read. Now that we can check out books I am trying to manage my time. I would appreciate hearing what everyone is teaching or where you are getting your resources. My k-2's I read a story and then color a picture but I'd love other ideas. My 7-8 are very difficult and I am doing a study on Edgar Allan Poe thinking it would interest them but it doesn't.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

LMS forever

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K - 2 Library

I have K-2 students. The K are not going to the shelves yet, but the others are. I have a selection of paperback books on the tables (some from my classroom and others from Dollartree and dollar books from scholastic). I reinforce the spines with packing tape. The students look at those while I help the others 3 or 4 at a time find a book. When they have all checked out, I have story/lesson time. I cover parts of the book, etc. In K sometimes they look at the books other times they color after the lesson. Sometimes I let them choose. Over half usually choose to "read" the books. I have low levels like dora, winnie the pooh, power rangers, mickey mouse.
Soon I will be having AR with the older students. I plan for them to read and test during checkout time.
I do have an assistant, but she also runs all copies for the building, so she is called out a lot.
Another thing I did that really helped was to place holiday stickers on the books. I also did sports, magic school bus, and birthday. I created them with my Hallmark program and 1 sheet of 30 address labels makes 120 book labels. I started during the summer. Like you my library was in a mess. Slowly but surely it is improving, but it is an ongoing process.


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I understand your stress, flower2078

I am so sorry you have no assistant. I would focus on teaching lessons that help the kiddos become more independent in searching for books since you are so stressed.

I often do what you describe...have the little ones draw a favorite scene or something...just yesterday with gr. 1 we compared and contrasted A Dark, Dark Tale and a Beasty Story. We used the smartboard to fill in a venn d. It was good. With the upper grades, you have to do things that appeal to them...maybe have them do book talks? Poe seems great, but isn't he a bit hard to understand?

Maybe you need to have an area where gr. 1 can check out, k, etc. Don't let them roam freely...if you are needing to do everything, you just can't. So make things easier on yourself.

Can you get kids in grades 6-8 to be your library volunteers?? I am going to do that with gr. 5 students. I think that might help you once you train them???

Keep us updated!


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Glad to hear from everyone!

But sorry to hear of the stress. I'm right with some of you, though. My library was in bad shape...to the point I'm not *nearly* finished weeding and organizing. Many books were stuck to the shelf because it had been so long since students could access them. That gives you an idea of what I'm dealing with.. :(

For little ones (kindergarten and first), I have all of their books on special shelving units. This way students know if the book is there, it's an option for them. While the rest of the library is super organized (well, getting there), I don't even shelve the books according by alphabet and Dewey. It's not worth it. It actually works very well.


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Struggling what to teach

I am a classroom teacher, but do understand how hard it is for the Library teacher/specialist to deal with classes. We lost our certified teacher this past year due to budget cuts. We have a library clerk who is just awesome. We as classroom teachers stay with our classes when they go to the library and help out.

Sorry went off the subject. How about asking the classroom teaches what they are currently working on in their rooms and then do a lesson on one of their subjects.

Social Studies- Pilgrims/ Thanksgiving
Science - Solar System, Sea Life, Endangered Animals

You get the idea there are lots of stories on every subject you could read one to the class then do a small activity after.

If you have a clerk she could be checking out books after the students are done with the activity.

Our Library clerk is amazing she can check out a class of 25 second graders in 10 minutes.

Just some ideas.

Good Luck

Muggle Teacher