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Where is everybody?



Is it just me or is the amount of posting really down since the switch?


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I was thinking the same thing. There was not a lot of posting over the weekend. Hopefully this won't last long.:o


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Where is everyone?

I have never seen the boards so quiet. Maybe everyone is looking and trying the boards without posting?? Every board is quiet.;)


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Me too!

I have been thinking the same thing for a few days. I am hoping everyone is still coming around and maybe just looking and trying to figure things out. I am excited about the new boards, and I hope they will eventually be too! I know change is hard!! But, I hope others will give it a try. I really miss all the postings!!!!!! I have been coming here for years and have gotten such wonderful ideas that have worked for me and my classroom. I still love this place and hope to see more here soon!

busy bee

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I miss all of the messages!!

I thought the same thing, it is as if people don't reply anymore. Hopefully it will get as busy as always!!!!
I'm sure it will again?!!!


posting is increasing!

Hi! Thank you all for your support! :D

I've been assured by our webmaster who monitors such things that posting is on the rise since Sunday. We are going to be reaching out to those who have been discouraged by the change. Efforts to address concerns and improve the new boards will continue.

You might notice that the names of visitors who have signed in and those who have not signed in are now in the same font. That was an oversight that needed correcting. We are also working to make the new boards work better with older browsers. Also, we're now using the term "bookmarks" rather than "subscriptions", because some visitors wondered if they would be charged. Please keep the suggestions coming on the Town Hall board. Thanks!


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Hope it picks up!

I have also noticed less postings. I sure hope the changes haven't scared everyone away. I didn't like them at first, but it's not so bad once you get used to it.

I hope everyone comes back!


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I agree! I think it is a bummer that the boards are slower. I love this site and worry that it won't pick up. It is also a bummer having to switch from the new to the old to read all of the posts.:(


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I'm Here!

I am here, just haven't had a lot to comment about. I think more people will post soon and then maybe I'll have something to say. I guess my browser must be "old" because it does take my computer longer now to jump between boards. I'm happy to see they are working on this problem!:o


browser problems

I guess my browser must be "old" because it does take my computer longer now to jump between boards
Please send problems like this to the communitywatch email address listed below noting the browser version you have (for example, "Internet Explorer 5.2.3 on Windows 98") That will help us understand who is having problems and why. Thanks!


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Rita Came to Visit

Rita came to visit. She made a very big mess! Many folks still don't have power or Internet service. Obviously, I haven't had a lot of time to play, but evey time I come I find something new and interesting.

Carrie in WV

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I've been really busy!

Wow...I have been really busy the last week and haven't had time to log on! Love the changes. This is set up just like a scrapbooking website I love to visit. Things are not going to slow down for me though with a school auction, homecoming, and a family math night this month...not to mention an 18th birthday party for my daughter! I am tired already!

Laura H.

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I'm BACK!!!!

I have not been on here in like a month! I feel like I am out of the loop! But, it has nothing to do with the switch. Just super busy. Hopefully, I can get on here some more. I love this place!!!!


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Scrapbooking?? Did you say scrapbooking?

I was wondering if you are part of a scrapbooking website that is a message and idea board like this. If so, would you mind sharing it with me? Thanks!:D


Old Boards/New Boards

Right now there's twice as much to read. I wonder what will happen to the posts on the "old" boards once the new system is fully operable? Will they be merged with the new boards or will they be archived?


old posts

I wonder what will happen to the posts on the "old" boards once the new system is fully operable?
Hi! The old posts will be saved and added to our Community Archive.

The two systems are so different it wasn't possible to merge them. Our old boards stored posts in long lines of text. Our new boards store posts in a modern database that can hold pictures and other attachments as well as text.



I've been so busy at school lately that I haven't had a chance to get on. Now I'm feeling a little over whelmed!!


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scrapbook directions

Hi Tylana!! I saw awhile back that you do a classroom scrapbooking project. Can you please tell me more about it!!! :p