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Where to go for vacation?

Miss C

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My brother's fiancee and I are going on vacation this summer, kind of a last girlfriends thing before she gets married. Anyway, we can't decide where to go. We want to get out of the Southeast, but beyond that, we're clueless! We don't have wads of money, but we have enough to have some fun. Suggestions?


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Cruises are always fun and are good because everything is included. I like the website cruisesonly.com. There is also a number to call. Florida also has some relaxing beaches and fun cities. It depends on what you are looking for. Have fun!


Gulf Shores

We live in the South, and we love to go to Gulf Shores, AL. It's not as expensive as places in Florida, and it's so much fun. You can get great deals if you go early enough in the summer or late enough right before school starts. Tennessee also has interesting things to see and do, but I'm not sure how far that is from you. How far are you willing to go?

cincy teacher

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New York

Have you ever been to New York? I have enjoyed myself each time I have gone. There is plenty to do there. I could see it being a fun "girlfriends" place to visit.


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Hi! Since turning 40, (I'm 44 now) I've been vacationing with two college friends each summer. We went to The Bahamas and stayed at a Breezes all-inclusive resort one year and had a blast! One year we went to Cape Cod. It was lovely, we had a good time, but it's more of a family spot. For the past two years we've gone to Myrtle Beach. I don't think it's all that expensive, and the ocean is beautiful. There is lots of good shopping, entertainment and good restaurants. We went to a disco at "Broadway on the Beach" and had the time of our lives. (We were the only ones there!!!) Let us know what you decide!


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Out of the Southeast...

Living in the southeast, I can relate to you wanting to vacation somewhere different! :D Here are a couple places I would recommend that are out of the Southeast...
  • Cancun, Mexico...My husband and I went there a couple summers ago, and we loved it. A lot of places offer all-inclusive packages. We stayed at the Moon Palace for 7 nights, and it was quite expensive. However, in Cancun, you can find any price range you want!
  • Las Vegas, NV...We have been to Vegas 2 times, and we had a blast both times. We're not into gambling, but it is still fun to walk through the casinos, shop, eat, and see the shows.
  • New York City...lots to do and great shopping
  • Cruise