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Which is better? Staples' or Office Depot's Teacher Appreciation Bfast?


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So Office Depot and Staples are both doing their Teacher Appreciation Week and Breakfast. I have both in my town--in fact, simply on opposite sides of the road! Their breakfasts are the same day and the same time. Both are giving gifts to the first set of teachers who come--Office Depot is advertising a planner its giving away, Staples just says "free gift". I haven't been to either breakfasts before---which one is better? I'll stop at both, but will only be in the first set at one obviously! Unless I stop at one and then dash across the street to the other! How popular are they? It says first 100 for Staples.


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Personally, I would go to Staples first. We only have Office Depot- and it isn't that great. Mine has coffee and doughnuts and gives out a random bag of samples (folder, ruler, reusable bag, etc). I think staples is about the same, but they usually give a jump drive or other things.

I think both have drawings for free things/gift cards as well.


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Office Depot

You get everything 15% off and they ususally have a better breakfast.

Plus the drawings are better.

Staples is not as good.


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Our office depot only gives 10% to teachers.

In West Palm Beach, FL, Office Depot has a better presentation, organized and has some great stuff.

Staples is ok.

Most importantly get there early and bring school id.

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Been to both

We usually have them at the same time. This year, they are a week apart. Office Depot around here usually has more food. One year, it was a full breakfast. Now, it is bagels and donuts and a few pastries. They offer 10% off the whole week prior to the breakfast AND the day of the breakfast. They give you a bag and some samples. Staples has had tote bags or shopping bags. One year they had jump drives. Last year they had samples inside reusable shopping bags. We have more Staples stores in the area and I often hit more than one.