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Which job to take?



I have two contracts that have been offered for the next school year. One is for the school I'm teaching at. I've been there many years but the pay is horrible. I've had the worst year ever this past year.
The other is job offer is for $15,000 more money than my current job. I'll have to drive just a little farther and it is the "unknown".
While the money is screaming "take me!", I just wonder if I'm going from the frying pan to the fire. The school I work for is a charter school (a school of choice), and it attracts families who are serious about their education. The new school is low income, high risk students. I have no idea what the school is like.
Do I take the plunge?? I'm just worried that I'll be even unhappier, although a lot richer.


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Can you take a personal day and go visit the other school during the day? Low income high risk does not mean that the parents don't care, or that you would love it, or that you would hate it. You don't know til you know.

Seems from your post that you're ready for a change, but make sure it's the change you want!


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I agree

You should take the time to go over there. Check out their policies, meet the principal and such. Just because it's high risk and low income doesn't mean it's a bad school. It sounds like they are in need of some great teachers they are willing to pay more.