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Which TV shows couldn't be made today?


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I'm embarrassed to admit that I watched the last 45 minutes of The Dukes of Hazard movie this afternoon. I don't know how it happened. Well yes I do. I flipped through the channels, saw Jessica Simpson in a revealing outfit and thought I should be more open-minded about this movie. On a side note, before today I didn't think Jessica Simpson was particularly hot, but I now see that she has many of the qualities the superficial male covets. Anyway, eventually I noticed the General Lee and the confederate flag painted on top. I watched every Dukes of Hazard show when I was a kid too young to appreciate Daisy Duke's shorts. To me it was just a show with a cool car that did jumps in every episode. I doubt the tv show would be made today with the same paint job on the car. Anyone come up with any other shows from their youth that wouldn't make it in a PC climate?


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I Love Lucy

Okay, well it's not from my youth, but I'm a huge fan of "I Love Lucy" :D There are a few episodes with some racial/ethnic stereotypes, but what I'm specifically thinking of is Ricky's way of "dealing with" Lucy. Watching him put her over his knee and spank her always makes me think, "I don't think you couldn't get away with filming that today!"


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It's a little before my time, but there's no way All in the Family would be allowed today!! I wonder if people got the humor back then that Archie was really the idiot for saying the things he said??


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I watched Archie "way back then" and yes, we did get it...Archie was a bigot and a bigmouth, and usually in the wrong. But it was still funny.LOL


I agree with you

Yes, All in the Family would be a tough sell today, as would Sanford and Sun, Chico and the Man and many of our favorite shows. The problem, however, is not in the make up of those shows, but in the stupidity that has become our moral stands. Those shows had their off-color moments, but they camesurrounded by important messages and some lines that weren't crossed. Married with Children, to cite on show, didn't come with these plusses, as it aimed at gaining laughs without stoking a productive inner thought. We are a country of excesses....we must either abandon all responsibility in the name of the First Amendment or creative freedom. Or we must deny ourselves certain artistic, journalistic or even educational expressions because we must adhere a politically correct stance. Ridiculous.