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Which would you prefer?


Senior Member
Given the following ingredients:

-one large slice sourdough bread
-one slice ham
-one slice cheese
-mayo and/or mustard

Would you prefer:

-a half sandwich (cut the bread in half so there can be a top and bottom to the sandwich; double up the ham and cheese slices to make a thicker filling)


-an open face sandwich



I prefer the open face sandwich (despite it being a bit messier to eat) because I get more bites.


Senior Member
I can’t even recall when I last had an open-faced sandwich. I’d prefer the half sandwich since there would be extra protein between the bread. I would find it easier to handle, too.


Senior Member
I like the neatness of the half sandwich, although I'd eat either if not given a choice. There's something "undone" about biting into an open face sandwich - the roof of my mouth must need the bread. :D


Senior Member
I would do half a sandwich and take smaller bites because every bite has twice as much as an open face sandwich. I do love an open faced toasted cheese sandwich though—yum!

Ima Teacher

Senior Member
Seems like I tend to eat sandwiches in places where eating can be a challenge, like a picnic. A half sandwich would be easier to handle.


Senior Member
Half a sandwich. I’m a messy eater even under the best of circumstances, so e would end up wearing most of the open face sandwich


Senior Member
I am finicky about neat eating, and hate eating gloppy food that gets messy. I'm the type that holds my sandwich in a napkin while eating, to keep my hands clean. So, no open faced sandwiches for me, no matter what type of ingredients (unless I can use a fork and knife to eat it<!--giggle-->).


Senior Member
No matter how you put it together this might be too much bread for the filling for me, depending on how the ham and cheese is sliced. That being said, I don't mind an open face sandwich if I'm eating at home where it's okay if I make a mess.


Senior Member
I don’t eat bread anymore therefore no sandwiches for me except on a rare occasion of being out of town and having limited options.

If I were to choose though, the open faced sandwich can be eaten with a fork and knife which is how I would eat it. However, I would probably like a regular sandwich.


Senior Member
I would go with the half sandwich. I might even use the lettuce as a lettuce wrap if it is whole leaf and leave the bread. I can be a sourdough snob at times. It has to be a decent slice of sourdough.

I agree with others that a hot sandwich is better open faced. I often eat open faced with a knife and fork.