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Who do they think they are?


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I had two parents yesterday try to convince me and our administration to "bend" (actually break) the rules for their kids. No wonder these kids have no respect for authority. They think that their mommies will always get them out of trouble. Luckily the principal backed me up on it, but it was frustrating that they expect their little darlings to be the exception to the rule. Are you kidding me? No wonder my kids are finished learning, even though we have a few weeks left! Their parents are already on vacation too! I want to kick some people sometimes!

P.S. - I wouldn't actually kick anyone. I know violence is not the answer :)


The hell you say

Oh, go ahead and pinch them!!!! :-)

Gina TX

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LOL. I agree. I think we probably all feel that way and I know we wouldn't do it, but still sometimes I know I really would like to. I have had the same problem with one student in particular. It is very frustrating. On the bright side, I must say I have had one student this year who failed last year and failed summer school because he just does not turn in ANYTHING. Same thing this year. Mom was no help, said she just didn't know what to do. Wouldn't bother to come for a conference or anything. A few weeks ago I get notified from the office that dad has taken custody because mom was completely unfit. In this case I totally agree. Turns out she was out all night doing drugs, drunk, the whole works and really didn't care what happened to the kids. There is an older sibling who finally called dad to tell him what was going on. He immediately came for a conference and that kid has made a complete turn around. It's sad that it had to be because of that, but it is certainly the best thing for him. Dad has already had him make up all the work he is missing even though he will have to go to summer school again no matter what. He is even making him go back and do assignments that he didn't do throughout the year so he will know what is going on in summer school. That is support like I have never received before. I really feel for this kid, but I am so glad because I am pretty sure that this is really going to turn his whole life around.

Now, if other parents would get on the ball like this one school would be great.