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Who got one?!?!


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Hi everyone!!! Let's see how many of us got a M-F cart?


Thanks to LakeTeacher for the wonderful idea!!!:D

Cheers to LakeTeacher!!!<!--lovestruck-->


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M-F Cart

I love you guys! I am getting so many GREAT ideas from all of you. You are THE best! Guess where I am heading first thing tomorrow morning?? Yep....LOWES!!

Susan Teacher

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Demand the $21 price!

Well, maybe not demand, but ask nicely! =)

I said it on other posts, but some Lowes are offering it for $37, and others are offering it for $21. So, ask for the lower price. That's what I did. I have three stores near me. The farthest one away had it for the lower price so I called the closest one and told them and the manager told me if I came to her store, she'd give it to me at the other price. It's odd that stores just 30 miles apart could have such different prices!

I can't wait to put mine to use. I'm working on my class tomorrow so I hope to post pictures soon! =)


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I did! I did!

I got one and I love it already! It's already put together and sitting in my bedroom ready to go to school. Who would have thought you could love a piece of furniture so much? LOL


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I got one today!!

Nikki, I also got the director's chair but it was only $7!! (plus $3 for the chair cover)


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I'm going to try to get ahold of one tomorrow... and hopefully at the lower price! :o) They are such a great idea!


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How do I search for the cart on-line?

Is there a particular name to use when searching for the cart on-line at Lowe's?


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online it says 7.98 for chair and 3.98 for cover, so we'll see what it actually is at the store when I get there!


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I bought one last Sunday! I went to see my room today for the first time and I do not have a teacher's desk, so I am really glad that I had picked it up! I can't wait to get it moved in! Thanks Lake Teacher!