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Who You Know



Although I try to remain hopeful, I am finding that it all boils down to WHO you know, not WHAT you know. I've been certified and searching for 3 years, have been subbing, volunteering, working as a Literacy Coach, and raising a family. This is a career change, although it has been on my heart to teach since the age of 4. No one cares if I have a 4.0 GPA and have dedicated most of my free time to teaching-related activities. They still consider me "without experience" and would prefer to hire a YOUNGER recent college grad, who's best friend is a friend of the superintendent or the principal. I would love to go back and get an endorsement in Math to make me more marketable, but I can't even pay my mortgage. I would love to give the counselors a piece of my mind who told me there was a shortage in CT and there would be tons of teaching jobs when I graduate - I'm still waiting after 3 years! Sorry to sound so discouraged - I pray for all of you to find the perfect job you are searching for. God Bless.


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What people don't realize is...

Not only that, but the districts don't want us because we are older and aren't going anywhere, therefore they'd have to pay our pension. They like the young ones cuz they're hoping they get married and move, or get pregnant and leave, because then they can start all over again with someone else at the bottom of the pay scale. Don't be fooled just because it's "education" we're talking about. It is most ironic, isn't it?

They claim they want the "most qualified" teachers w/experience, but that's only a small part of it. I was naive and went on to get my master's and didn't realize I shot myself in the foot because now I'm on a higher pay scale. I don't think parents realize how they hire teachers, after all, I just figured it out and I've been looking for a job for 4 years now...in CT too! I'm exactly like you, I can't afford to go back and get another endorsement and am barely making our mortgage...meanwhile the young ones with no bills are getting the jobs! It's infuriating to say the least. But my hope lies in New York. I am close enough where I took the tests and got certified there. I don't know if that is an option for you and it may be the same thing there. (and those tests aren't cheap either). But I have to keep trying...New York does pay better, by the way, don't listen to the CT professors. Hang in there...we must not give up!


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job hunting

I understand your frustration, but trust me, they don't just hire the YOUNGER ones. I sent hundreds of letters the first two years I was out of college, at the age of 22. I had some interviews but no job offers. My second year of job searching, I was offered a job at a private school (making about half of the state salary), but teaching is my passion, so I took it. I have applied, written letters, interviewed, etc. for the public schools all around my state (in the south), but I haven't had any offers. This summer I went to a job fair where there were about 100 teachers applying for each position available. I am still in a private school, although it is a different one from the one I first started teaching in, and after 10 years of teaching experience, I wonder if I will ever make it to a public school. I wish you lots of luck!!! :)