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Whole Class Incentives


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Does anyone have a whole class incentive "program" that you use? Like putting marbles in jar, etc. I'm looking for a creative one that won't take a lot of time, space, or money. What is your class' reward once they make their goal?



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Punch cards

We made our own punch cards that we hole punch for good behavior. (just made boxes on word and put smal circles or soccer balls, stars, etc. on ourside edge like stores do, printed on colored paper and laminated) If students have their cards filled up at the end of the quarter or end of the month, they can participate in an activity:
  • movie and popcorn
  • extra recess with popsicles
  • game day--students bring and play games in the afternoon
I wanted things that cost little or no money! I'll be anxious to see what others do, too! Good thread!


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Brownie points

I took a picture of a cupcake, then took the top of a cupcake and made it look iced and have sprinkles and a cherry and put it on construction paper and made cut outs. so when the whole class is caught being good they earn part of the cupcake. When the cookie sheet is full of cupcakes when get a prize. So far we have just earned one prize and I made brownies and gave them to the class. I put magetic tape on the back of the cupcake pieces so they would stick to the cookie sheet.

I also thought of making an ice cream cone and adding ice cream scoops to it and once you each a certain number of scoops you could have ice cream. Same goes for popcorn party.


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I just took on a grade 3 class and am trying to get my mind around an incentives to find something that I hope will work with my class. It is great that you asked this question because I need to figure my classroom management strategy out by the end of the weekend. I too would love to hear all of your creative ideas!!!

Ashley :)


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I use a laminated poster with each child's name...once their name is "x" out they are not permitted to participate. I make it the child w/longest name and anyone with a shorter name has boxes...


everyone has the same number of chances. Rewards might be a pencil or eraser top. Sometimes I treat to breakfast, or a hoagie lunch. It really depends on my mood and how much money I have. Of course anyone who has xs are not able to participate in fun activities.


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Spell it out

I punched out the letters to spell "recess" (die cuttter) and put them up one at a time when the class is in need of a full-class reward. When they spell recess, we can get extra recess time. A colleague uses a similar idea but spells out "second grade rocks."

I've also used a large container but filled it with ping-pong balls rather than marbles. Once that was full, the class voted on the kind of party they wanted for a reward. They were really excited about that one!


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popsicle sticks

I have a box of colored popsicle sticks ($1 for 200 at the Dollar Tree). I write an incentive on about 20 of them , but most are blank. The incentives include: science video, social studies video (which I planned on showing anyway), get ready for lunch early (so we beat the rush!), show and tell time, write with colored pencils for a day, extra read aloud time, dance party (which is actually just one or two songs long), bring a stuffed animal to school, etc. If I choose an incentive stick, we get to do that activity within a week. If it is a blank stick, we put the stick in a baggie, and when we get 20 blank sticks we will have 15 minutes of free choice. Right now I pick one stick at noon and one at the end of the day for great class behavior. I also choose one child (by picking numbers) after end of the day clean-up to choose a stick. That student tells what they did to help clean up, we all clap, and they get to pick a stick. I have had fantastic behavior with this. I'd be interested to know if it works for you.


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I was originally going to try adding buttons to a jar and earning rewards that way, however I like your suggestion of using popscicle sticks and having it be a game of chance as well. That's a cool idea.


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not creative but easy and free

Mine isn't cutesy or creative, but I learned it from a great teacher I worked with. Students earn minutes of free time. All you have to do is keep track of the number (on the board) and then whenever your plans allow take them outside for 10-15 or so. It's free, it takes up no space, and you don't have to wait for a certain number (or take it at a certain number). My kids know that we can only take our free time minutes when I have room in our schedule for them. Sometimes we will use the whole time up at once, and sometimes only 8 minutes or so.



Get an appropriate sized puzzle and place possible reward ideas on the back of each peice:

~ game day
~ movie/popcorn party
~ read in
~ lunch w/teacher
~ extra recess
~ no homework pass
~ art project
~ whatever else your class would enjoy

each time the class is right on, put a peice of the puzzle together. When the puzzle is complete, take a peice out and read the back to see what the surprise would be.

Make your reward simple & cost effective!


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Bingo Board

I found Behavior Bingo on PT, but changed it to classroom bingo because I wanted to use it for other things than behavior, like completion of homework.
I attached the board. Laminate and post in your room. I cut apart small #s 1-100 and put them in a basket on my desk. When your whole class is doing well, have a student pull a # and place it into another cup. Mark the # on the board. 10 in a row, the whole class earns something - 10 more min recess, no homework day, game day (kids bring in board games), movie, you choose. It is working great and MY KIDS LOVE IT!
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Mr. K

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Mystery Message

I put up a piece of paper with the same number of blanks as the reward. When the students earn, I place a letter in a blank. Whan all of the blanks are filled in, we have the reward.

lunch in the room
lunch outside
extra recess
curriculum movie
art project
cookie jar (my version of a treasure box)
sit anywhere during audio book or read aloud
skip half od the assignment
hat day
color day
sports team day
crazy socks day
organized phys ed game
drawing time

I love the puzzle idea TeacherTim...thanks!


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different things

...groups get group points. At the end of the day the highest group gets to pull a number for the group bingo board. When they get across/down, etc. the group gets a prize

...I write COUGAR on the board and if a C is remaining at the end of the week they all get a prize like 15 min. extra time, homework pass, restroom pass, etc.

...I make tally points during the week. If they have a certain amount they get "interest" added to their bank account on http://www.mykidsbank.com

...best line behavior gets donuts at the end of the semester

...we also have a classroom economy system where they get credits and debits



You could always decide what the reward will be and post it somewhere in the class. Then using your whiteboard/chalkboard, spell it out giving the students a letter each time the class deserves it. This would also allow you to erase letters if need be as well.


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class reward

our school has Tiger Teams that earn Tiger Tickets for positive behavior (similar to Harry Potter's House Points)....the team with the most tickets at end of quarter wins Krispy Kremes.

i also turn this into a class incentive. it USED TO BE: if we earned 10 a day, i put a letter on the board to spell out "We are awesome." and then we would have an awesome party--it could be extra recess, brownies with lunch, etc whatever i wanted and could handle.

this year, with our GAMES theme, i'm using Monkeys in a Barrel. (i took out 2 monkeys so there are 12.) if we get 10 tickets, i hang a monkey off the others at the front of the room. (20 tickets=2 monkeys) when all the monkeys are out of the barrel, they get a prize.


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Easy System

I use a 100's chart poster that is laminated to collect compliments on. After 20 compliments they get 5 minutes of extra recess. After 100 compliments they receive a movie and popcorn. It is easy and it works by motivating them to behave well. They receive compliments from the librarian, special area teachers, parents, administrators and me. I sometimes challenge them to accomplish a certain goal by saying I will give them 2, 3, 4 or 5 compliments. I just mark a chech in the box with a dry erase marker. The poster is up in our room where everyone can see.


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marble jar

I do a basic marble jar. It's cheap and easy. My students love a free recess, so that is what they earn each time it fills up. I give 5 marbles for compliments from other teachers, excellent behavior when we have a visitor or when I'm on the phone, 10 marbles when the principal or vice - principal visits :) and 20 marbles if not one single name is given to me from a substitute. (it's a team effort). In other words, they are always given 5 or 10 at a time. It makes it easy for me to remember, and it fills up faster.


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I do a twist on the marble jar, they earn little shiny dazzles I bought at the dollar store. They earn them 5 at a time. It takes about 150 to fill in which takes a little more than a month.

How many marbles does it take to fill you jars???


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Class Incentives

Here are some of the incentives I use:

<!--pushpin--> Homeworkopoly on Friday for everyone who does their Homework all week.

<!--pushpin--> Behavior Bingo - 100s chart on wall, numbered popsicle sticks in cup ; When whole class is demonstrating appropriate behavior I draw a numbered stick and flip the corresponding card on the 100s chart. A straight line (BINGO) wins an extra recess.

<!--pushpin--> Compliment Chain - I found those plastic links in the baby toy section that you put together. Every time our class receives a compliment from another teacher/staff member we add a link to our chain. 10 links will earn a treat (movie, lunch with me, free time, etc)

<!--pushpin--> Cube Stack - Students must get their behavior folder signed nightly. Each day that everyone has their folder signed earns another cube to our stack (I use the interlocking cubes that we use in math). A stack of 10 cubes will earn "5 minutes of fun" in the class - a game of limbo, Texas Snowball fight, etc.

<!--pushpin--> Perfect Attendance Recess - All of the classrooms in my hallway go outside together on Friday for an extra recess for students who have not been absent all week.

<!--pushpin--> Green Tickets - I also give out green tickets to students as individual incentives. Students use these tickets to purchase items from my treasure box.


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Poppin' For Compliments

This is a spin-off to the marble jar. You use a jar and popcorn kernels. Anytime the class does something well as a whole (walks down the hall quietly w/o any reminders, does well in a special class, all get their homework done) you put kernels (usually a handful or 2) in the jar. After the jar is full, they get a popcorn/movie party. Last year, I had them vote on the movie that they watched.

I also printed on the computer a snazzy "Poppin For Compliments" sign to stick on the jar. Seems to work. :o


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I created

my own Deal or No Deal bulletin board. I found a suitcase template, numbered 1-26 and colored,laminated, cut them out. Each suitcase has a prize under it. It starts with something really "low" like a smiley face sticker for everyone and goes up with larger prizes. These include pencils for the class, no HW for a night, pick your own seats, popcorn/movie, nacho party, etc. I did a lot of incentives that don't really cost a lot of money, yet the students love.


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I use poppers (bright colored plastic baby beads that pop together.) I hang the first one from the ceiling. When they earn another one, I just "pop" it on. When all of the poppers have been used we have a Popper Party. It is usually a movie and popcorn. I figure that the movie time is well worth the time saved from all of their great behavior.


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Thanks for this thread- there are some awesome ideas on here!!

I don't really do a whole class incentive that the entire class works towards (but I do take away time from recess for bad behavior, so it's an entire class punishment LOL)

Two of my coworkers do one that was mentioned-- they have the letters for "party" on the wall, and when no one gets into trouble during the day (name on the board), they flip over one letter. When they flip over all of them, they ahve a party.


I love this!

I've been looking for a way to reward groups. I teach 7th grade math. I like the idea of the bingo board because groups compete against each other to be the best, yet I don't need to give a reward every day. Thanks for the idea!


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I use scrabble squares cut out of paper. We brainstormed 4 things the students would enjoy as rewards. The are spelled out in tiles and laminated. When things go well, a student's name is drawn and they can choose to cross out a single tile on any choice. They don't all want the same thing but when one gets close to being done, especially if it is doughnuts, everyone colors those tiles. When the word is completely crossed out they earn that time or I treat. That word stays covered and they work on the other choices. We will use different choices 2nd semester. Fun!