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Whole Language Stuff!!! lol

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Greetings My Lovely Educators! Once again I stand in need of your help. Any feed back as always is greatly appreciated. Here goes... For a class that I am taking I need a lesson, or activity to go along with a handout on Whole Language Reading Approach! I have done the 15 page Research Paper, I will start the PowerPoint presentation set up tomorrow, but I cant help thinking and stressing about what I will present as the lesson/activity, or what I should provide as a handout! YIKES! Please, someone help! I know all the in/outs as to what a whole language is? the history of it, the pros and cons and blah blah blah and you would think the last part would be a no brainer, but WRONG! So thanks in advance! ~Ms. Abc~


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Unsure what you need

Are you needing a student lesson/activity that follows whole language philosophy or something for adults that helps explain what whole language is? :confused:

If it is the latter, I have used a jigsaw puzzle analogy for a college course I teach to illustrate whole language. I just talk about the analogy verbally but you could actually bring in a real jigsaw puzzle and use it. I emphasize how much easier it is to take the individual pieces (literacy skills/concepts) and put them together when you have the finished picture to look at, you know what you are working toward. This seems to help students understand the importance of putting the skills/concepts in a context (the finished puzzle).
Hope this makes sense and is somewhat helpful. :)


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You're good! I so liked that...it was profound =) No, seriously I was totally shaking my head agreeing with what you said. I might just use that, because I liked it so much just as a sidebar ya know, but what I was referring to was a student lesson/activity that follows whole language philosophy!


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I Can't help but wonder....

So I have to ask....what is the purpose of your presentation? Is your class comparing all of the different approaches to reading instruction? Please tell me that the pendulum isn't swinging back to Whole Language again. Those of us who have lived through it know it doesn't work. They aren't teaching that again in college, are they? Just wondering...


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Been there

I too went through Whole Language but like everything else there is good and bad.
I would suggest targeting skills as you present your lesson/ finding short vowel words , finding controlled r words,etc. I loved doing poems on charts. First present your skills , read the poem....something that could be intergrated or supplement another sujbect . hope this gives you a jumpstart