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Who's Desperate Now?


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I just thought that it was so funny that today, when I was at my after-school teaching job, I got a phone call from a school district for their after-school job that I had only applied to back in JUNE! :mad::mad: Maybe their calendar is a little behind mine! :rolleyes: Did they really think that I'd wait around forever for them to get back to me??? LOLLOL I hope that no one takes that job so they know what it's like to be so desperate and without work!!!LOLLOL:mad: My how the tables have turned!!!:p

It doesn't matter anyways because that school would be too far for me to travel everyday (I only sent in my resume because I was truly desperate for a job). I love my job at my fancy, wealthy, private school and wouldn't trade it for anything. <!--sing-->


I just got an email from a district that "hired" me last year to be a LTS in a middle school reading position. Only thing is that the district administration didn't tell the principal and she filed the position with one of her favorite subs. So even though I was hired, I didn't work a day.

Monday when they contacted me I sent them a reply that said "will this position be like the last one? If so, I'm not interested." I've not heard back. A friend said if this is the way that they treat you before you're hired, imagine how they will treat you when you work for them.


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Rich, that's definitely true. I would wonder how they treat you if they are like that before you are even hired.