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why do I want to leave current job?


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Hi everyone,

I have been an elementary level special education in a private school for 18 years. I am looking for a new job because over the past 5 years or so, the program has really gone downhill. If I could be honest I could list tons of reasons why I am seaching for a new job:

-We constantly (up to 5 times per week) have parents or administrators from the public school coming to observe the program. We do not hire subs and when someone comes to observe the students are shifted around to make things "appear" better than they are.
- I am often (1-2 times per week) meeting with the parents during class time rather than teaching.
- some of the things I am asked to do are "borderline" sleazy. I am expected to present an image of the program that just are no longer true (class ratios etc.).
-Administration stinks. Just had my immediate boss lie to me and tell me that a parent "insisted" on meeting with me. When I went to talk with the parent, she thanked me for making the time to meet with her; she had only expected to meet with my boss. I felt there was no need for my boss to lie to me. If she too busy, or just didn't feel like meeting with the parent, she should have told me. No need to lie; I would have done it anyway (without complaint).
- They decided to go to an 11 month schedule and now require me to work summer school.
-The powers that be do not like my boss and they do everything to make her life (and in turn mine) difficult.
-There are so many little things (too numerous to mention) that are getting on my nerves. Suffice it to say, I feel like everytime I get on a roll with my students, another road block is thrown up in my face. I am a very flexible person and tend to roll with the punches, but this is getting to be too much.

With all of this, why have I stayed there 18 years? I loved and believed in the program. I respect my co-workers and each year I have learned new things from new (and veteran) teachers and support staff. Until recently, I felt we were the best alternative for children who were not getting an appropriate education in the public schools. I love working with the children I teach. We work with the same children for several years, so I have really developed an attachment to many of them and their parents.

I am sorry that the beginning of this posting sounds so negative. I love my profession. I love teaching. I just want to be able to do what I do best without all of these interruptions and distractions.

So, when I go to an interview, what do I say is the reason for leaving this job?

Any advice would be appreciated. I am going to a job fair next weekend and would like to have an acceptable answer.

Thanks for your help,


You might say

that although you love the position, there have been some changes to the program and you would like to pursue other avenues.

you would like to make a switch from the private to the public sector

you would like to take the skills you have developed in a different direction.


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Thanks, Bucki

Wow, fabulous answers. Thanks so much. I like the first and third responses (especially the first one). I will have to think of what
change(s) I should elaborate on in case they want to probe further. At least I have something to start with. Most people were advising me to say it was "time for a change". Seemed a little vague to me. Problem is, I still love this job, my co-workers and students. I have mixed feelings about leaving, but I know that this is the right thing to do. Thanks again, Bucki.