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Why don't people here announce when they've completed menopause?


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Apparently that's a thing. I think.

We're watching Loot on Apple TV. Great show if you haven't seen it. On this week's episode people at work are sharing their personal lives and one person proudly shares that she's just complete menopause.

In any case, great characters on this show.


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Most of my colleagues were having celebrations: baby showers, weddings, graduations.
I suggested having a Menopause Party.
Did not go over too well.

Cat woman

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Some of us may feel like we are never going to complete menopause! Don’t even get me started :mad:

Just for the record I am on about year 12 of hot flashes. Could be even longer, I just have lost count.


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Great idea!

From this side of life, I see that our mlestones are not noteworthy and celebratory. To me this is a sad commentary on the value of experience.
Maybe we should have our own celebrations!
I also love Loot!


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Might be because we aren't sure. A co-worker of mine (female) said why can't it be like this: When you don't need them anymore, those parts dry up and fall out. One last plop and let the celebrating begin!!