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Why I Love Teaching


What do you <!--valentine--><!--hearts--> about teaching? Of course, the kids!

Here's the challenge! Because we all know there are things about teaching that are very frustrating... Think of something you love about teaching besides the kids.

It can be a very simple thing - whatever gives you satisfaction, that you personally enjoy, and makes teaching something you love to do.

Please join us by sharing something (or some things) you love about teaching besides the kids!


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I always joked that I became a teacher because I loved stickers (and putting them on tests, etc) and I love creating bulletin boards!<!--giggle--> Happy Valentines Day everyone!<!--valentine-->


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I love learning new facts about history--no matter how many years I teach the same subject, I always learn something new!


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Tons of stuff

I truly love my job for many reasons. I recently went to a conference and met many amazing teachers. Everyone I met was at the conference was seeking new ways to help our kids be successful in reading and writing. You could feel the energy in every room of the conference!

I love teaching because of my co-workers. Many of us come early and stay late. Many of us always greet our kids with smiles. Our compassion shines through with our attitudes.

I love my job because my boys were able to come to school with me. I got to see them during the day.

I love my job because every day is different. Some are challenging some are easy but each day is a gift. It keeps me on my toes.

Finally, I love my job because it is my passion. I get excited for back to school sales and I drool over new children's books at book fairs or stores.


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With teaching, there's constantly something new- and that's fun! I'm teaching new material or presenting it in a different way. I research how other teachers are teaching the same thing so I can bring fresh ideas into the classroom. Even though we teachers have a lot of work, I appreciate that the work itself is constantly changing because it's enjoyable to have new things and ways to teach.


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I love.....

getting my room ready in the late summer. Everything is clean! I make new name tags, new anchor charts if needed, cut out shapes and put up new curtains. :) Its exciting to get everything set up and pull out some new things that I found over the summer at garage sales or at a discount store. :)

The other special part is checking in with colleagues that I haven't seen for the past few months! We fill each other in on visits we've made, projects we've been working on and family and friend time. We do this all while we are setting up our rooms during those last few weeks of summer!

This is truly my favorite part of teaching.......the beginning of a new year, a new crop of kiddos and a fresh new start!


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My colleagues!

<!--valentine--> Sharing our passion for teaching and kids has led me to some of the best friends I ever could have hoped to meet.<!--valentinegirl--> We seem to share the same priorities, can laugh at the same silly kid bloopers, and just enjoy each others' company. <!--cupid--> If I didn't teach where I teach, I would have missed out on the best support group ever, my 2nd family.<!--valentine--> I love my teacher peeps!<!--valentinegirl-->


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What I <!--valentine--> about teaching is seeing the learning transfer to another subject or even another day. As a special education teacher, at times, I feel like I'm not being understood. But when I do another lesson and my students can understand it because they remembered a previous lesson, that's what I love.<!--valentinegirl-->


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What I Love About Teaching

This may sound odd to many; but, I think one of the biggest things I love about teaching is the planning. Yes, I love planning out lessons and projects! I enjoy coming out to my classroom on a weekend and get inspired to create a unit that will not only "teach" my students about something; but, will ignite a fire in them to learn more. I love when I've put in the planning time that brings together a unit of study where I think, "Wow, I should publish and sell that baby!" I love the planning stage of my job ~ especially when I'm inspired to make it the best unit I've created yet (until the next one!)


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I love kindergarten...

<!--valentine--> Of course, the student's face, when they "get" it, such as finally understanding the word they are blending.

<!--valentine--> The growth made in K from August to June.

<!--valentine--> Being silly, such as singing Dr. Jean or Jack Hartmann songs.

<!--valentine--> Still being able to do fun projects.

I could go on, but...


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Beloved Colleagues

The #1 thing that was always, always a ray of <!--sunshine--> in my teaching day, no matter how <!--rain--> otherwise, was my colleagues. I credit my fellow teachers, support staff, administrators and (YES) PT community with lifting my confidence with <!--trophy--> when I was feeling incompetent, with lending an ear to my vents, with re-energizing my enthusiasm with new <!--lightbulb-->, and putting that <!--valentinegirl--> in my mailbox when the going got rough. I could not have made it through 30++++ years without you sitting next to me on the commuter bus, at hand in the classroom next door, at my table during meetings and inservice, and online 24/7. I <!--valentine--> teachers! <!--toast--> My former colleagues are still among my best friends for life. <!--sing-->


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I love teaching 1st grade reading

I love teaching 1st graders to read because I was a terrible reader. I remember what it's like to not know what's going on. I learned to read well as an adult and I want to help children so they won't have to go through what I went through.


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I love

feeling of accomplishment when a lesson just seems to CLICK.Everyone is engaged and learning.

I also LOVE reading aloud.


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I Love...

that I get to make a personal connection with the families of the students. Since I've taught for over 30 years, I have taught siblings and even children of students I've had. This year I have 4 students who are siblings of previous children I had and I love that I can keep in touch with the older students through them. And I love that I know the parents and they know me.


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What I Love About Teaching

The thing that I love about teaching is that it allows me to spend more time with my own children. I have summers off to do fun family things, minus the professional development days and sprinkled meetings. Teaching has also allowed me the opportunity to bring them to work with me and be close by during school hours, but still give them and me our own time. I like knowing that I can be there if there is a concern or hearing the good things they are up too. I will be giving them up soon enough. It is nice to know we have a common educational experience and that they realize the importance I place on their learning.


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A ha! moments

I really love those moments, after bending over backwards, doing a dance, whatever you have to do to make them understand, one of the kids says, "Oh I get it!!"


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School love...

One of the things I love about teaching is the camaraderie I find working with other teachers day to day. When I'm down or frustrated about something I know I can go to one of my colleagues for help or support. When I have something positive happening they are there to celebrate with me! <!--valentinegirl-->


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One thing I love...

is that I get to live my dream of life long learning. I get to learn new things from my colleagues and students. I have always said if I could get paid to go to school I would be a professional student. Being an educator is probably as close as I will get to making that dream a reality.


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Being a lifelong learner

I love learning new things myself! This year, we started a robotics team and I was just as eager and excited to learn how to work the robot as my students. It was great for them to see that teacher's don't always know everything and that we're learning right along with them.


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I love the Silliness!

I love that I can get together with these little people that I love and just be as silly as I would want to be! I can dance, do magic tricks (a.k.a. science), get phone calls from leprechauns or even Santa himself, make a puppet talk or act really strange/silly, put on hats and glasses or use my awful singing voice and equally awful made up songs just to get their attention. They are so easy to please and so simple in their needs. Seeing them smile and/or laugh just makes my day! I love laughing with them! <!--valentinegirl-->


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What I Love

I love finding and reading beautiful new picture books and awesome novels with the kids every year. <!--valentine-->


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Witnessing the genuine joy of learning!

<!--valentinegirl--> To witness the pure joy of realization when a child exclaims, "I've got it!" <!--lightbulb--> is a thrill that never gets old.
When a child excitedly gushes about something they have seen or done outside the classroom that relates to a lesson, I am reminded how a child is trying to make sense of their world. <!--earth-->
I love watching the growth of a child's mind and spirit throughout the school year. <!--valentine-->