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wii advice


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I was able to get my son his dream Xmas gift--a wii. The problem is, I'm an uncool mom and have NO idea what "basics" I need to buy along with it to make sure he can play it right away! I'm so clueless...I bought the wii in the box, and I think it comes with one controller and a game. Anyone out there have a wii that can give me guidance about how to get started?



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uncool mom...

me.. not you.. LOL

Just to show you how "uncool" I am - we went from a Nintendo (the old kind that came with that duck hunting game and Super Mario Bros.) to a Playstation 2, a few years back. What I learned (the hard way, after trying to be "cool mom and get the PS2), they don't come with any games!!

Check to be sure there's a game there.. or go get one.. or something. I was so proud of coming home with this game my DD had wanted, only to get here and have nothing for her to do but hook it up to the TV.. :o

Don't know whether Wii's come with a game or not.. but just to save you from a definite "uncool" moment, I thought I'd share.. :D


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have one...

and would go ahead and get a 2nd remote so more than one person can play at a time. My family really enjoys the Wii Sports where you get to play tennis, bowl, golf, and play baseball. It is a lot more fun when more than one player can play at a time. We also have Mario and Sonic at the Olympics (or something like that). You can do different olympic games. Of course a popular one is Dance Dance Revolution. Those are just a few to start with. He'll love it!


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My son got one last Christmas because I went to WalMart everyday and hounded them so much that they got one out of the back and sold it to me. I think they were trying to get rid of me. It came with a basic game (Wii Sports) and a controller. I was lik you and did not know what else to get and did not want my son to have any idea that I had gotten one so I got him a WalMart gift card so he could buy other accessories. He ended up buying another controller so that 2 can play at once and grips for the controllers. For his birthday we gave Wii points wich is like a giftcard that they can use to purchase online games over the Wii. This year he is getting some new games. He wants a PS 3 but they will have to go down in price before I get that.


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just make sure...

Just make sure you explain to your child that he MUST hang on to the controller while playing. So many people have let go of the controller, and throw it at the tv, busting it. A little boy that I tutor did that, ruining a huge, expensive TV! He's now only allowed to play it on an older, smaller TV. It does have a wrist-band to put around your wrist, but you also need to hold on tight!


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I want a wii too

Well last night I said something to my FIL like "I hop tobuy a wii for the kids" and he says "Don't do it"? I guess they got it for them. Santa has nothing and I MEAN nothing to bring them! That was going to be the gift! I guessthat I need to tell my 11, 9 and 6 yearolds that Santa won't becoming this year!<!--misspeak-->.
When the other teachers and I had this talk they thought I was terrable not to have any more toys! I am sorry that they play with them for a minute and loose all the pieces the next!

I guessitis no Santa this year. Well maybe sticks and rocks:eek:


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Maybe Santa should bring some of those video chairs for them and some books to read when you make them turn off the TV! :)


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I know it comes with a game and my brother is getting him "The Bigs", a baseball game.

He is 9, so I am pretty sure he'll be pretty responsible with it. If he ruins the TV--YIPPEE! Maybe we can finally replace our 9 year old 25 inch tv with something better! :)

Keep the advice coming, everyone!



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If you want a second controller, get Wii Play. You get a game that helps you learn how to use the remote and a second controller for about 40.00. The Wii Sports that comes with the Wii is very addictive! I have a friend who has Guitar Hero and likes it, but it is pricey. Super Mario Galaxy just came out. There are more games coming out in the next couple of weeks that look good too, so I would watch the ads.


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Holiday Scholastic Click catalog

I ordered a set of Wii remote accessories from the most recent (Holiday - I think) Scholastic Click catalog. It was $20 and comes with a tennis racket, steering wheel, golf club, baseball bat, and one or two other things that I can't remember. That would be a fun gift since the Wii comes with the Wii sports game. The Click orders also usually have good prices on Wii games - and you get the bonus points. Monkeyball (I think) looks like fun!

:) CC


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No Santa

How about a gift card to Amazon? They can even make a wishlist online and you could order from there. They are reasonable priced. You also could get them a gift card for Wal-Mart or any other store they might like to shop. Include a letter from Santa saying there was so much new stuff, he just wasn't sure what to get so he will let them pick what they want.