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winter festival booth ideas


Dianne R.

I teach 3rd grade and our school is having a Winter festival next month. Any good ideas out there for a booth?? The teachers split the profits from the festival for classroom spending $$ so I'm looking for an idea that will be popular with the kids.
Thanks, Dianne


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hot chocolate booth

What about a hot chocolate booth? The food network (www.foodtv.com) has four pages of recipes for different hot chocolate. You could probably find one basic recipe and then have different toppings like shaved chocolate, marshmallows, whipped cream, crushed peppermint candy, cinnamon sticks, etc.



I'd add a gingerbread cookie to that hot chocolate on the menu.


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Duck Pond

I had great success with a Duck Pond. It made a lot of money ($600) and there were almost no expenses. I had students bring in small prizes: things from fast food restaurants, hair ornaments, bracelets, just small objects kids would like (even some school supplies). These were divided into regular and special. All were put into small bags (and labeled B (boy), G (girl), or E (either). The special ones were put in different colored bags. The pond was the deep lid of a storage container. I bought about 10 plastic ducks and marked (on the bottom) two with a colored dot. These were the ones that got special prizes. Kids manned the booth but had ato be savy about their customers noticing which ducks had the dot (and hide it when they were swirled around between customers. I think the success of the booth was caused by getting the unknown, so the prizes MUST be in bags.

If you choose to do this and need more info (how to get kids to bring in the prizes, etc. ) just send me an e-mail. This booth made more money year after year than any other in the school. However, at our school all the money was pooled and then divided, so I got no more than someone who only made $30.


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I can't sing the praises of cheapo tattoos enough. You might need a parental consent before doing them, but kids of all ages love them and will want to buy lots! YOu can order huge lots of them from Oriental Trading very inexpensively. Then all you need is a wet sponge and you're in business. Last year, at our famlily fun night our booth even ran out of tattoos. KIds and parents were getting matching tattoos. People kept coming back for "one more."