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Winter Lucky Charms/ December graphs

Linda B

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Hi -

Just wondering if anyone has seen the Winter Lucky Charms?

I like doing graphing with the marshmallow charms and can't seem to find them or the Polar Express Cereal (I know that was a special edition). Any ideas for December graphing?



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December Graphing

These are the questions I use for December graphing:
--What is your favorite cookie? (sugar cookie with frosting and decorations, chocolate chip cookie, gingerbread, cut-out cookies)
--Do you decorate your bedroom for Christmas? (every year, some years, never)
--When does your family put up the Christmas tree? (right after Thanksgiving, December 1-7, December 8-14, December 15-20, December 21-14)
--What is your favorite Christmas candy? (candycanes, fudge, chocolates, peppermints, taffy)
--What is your favorite color ribbon on a Christmas gift? (silver, green, red, gold)
--What is your favorite color light on your Christmas tree? (green, red, white, blue, yellow)
--What is your favorite Christmas carol? ("Silent Night," "Away in the Manger," "Oh, Little Town of Bethlehem," "Jingle Bells," "Up on the Housetop," "Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer," "The Twelve Days of Christmas," "We Wish You a Merry Christmas," "Santa Claus is Coming to Town")
--If you could dress up as any Christmas character, who would it be? (Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, an elf, a reindeer)
--With whom do you spend Christmas day? (your family, your relatives, your friends, all of the above)
--What does your tree have on top? (a star, an angel, something else)
--What kind of lights does your tree have? (lights that blink, lights that don't blink, some lights that blink and some lights that don't blink)
--Does St. Nicholas come to your house? (every year, some years, never)
--When does your family go to church at Christmas time? (Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, not at all)
--Are you in the Christmas program at your church? (every year, some years, never)
--Who is Santa's most important helper? (elves, Mrs. Claus, reindeer)
--How does Santa get into your house? (chimney, keyhole, door, other way)
--What do you get in your Christmas stocking? (presents, candy, presents and candy, don't have a stocking)
--To whom do you give Christmas presents? (all your friends, some of your friends, only your best friends, none of your friends)
--Who bakes Christmas cookies at your house? (mom or dad, children, whole family, nobody)
--What kind of tree do you have at your house? (artificial tree, real tree bought at a tree lot, fresh-cut tree)
--Where do you get the Christmas presents you give? (make the presents, buy them with money I earned, buy them with money I got from someone else, all of the above)
--Who wraps the most presents at your house? (mom, dad, children, it is about equal)
--What is your favorite Christmas symbol? (tree, angel, wreath, star)
--What is your favorite Christmas movie? ("Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer," "Frosty the Snowman," "Prancer," "How the Grinch Stole Christmas," "Polar Express")

I have handled the graphs for these in two ways over the years.
--Each day, do a whole group graph. By the end of December, you can make a very nice display.
--Hand out a different question to each child, have them survey the class, and then create a graph for that question. Each child could also write about the graph they created. (ex. I survey my class about their favorite Christmas symbol. Three more children voted for an angel than a star. The number of children who voted for a star is equal to the number of children who voted for a wreath. Star had twice as many votes as tree. I had fun surveying my class.) This also makes a great display.