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Winter Writing


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I like to do a writing project that has to do with winter. For our winter festival we are going to learn about penguins and complete different activities. I would like the writing to tie in with penguins. I was thinking the students could write in the penguin’s belly. Does anyone have any ideas? If you have other ideas please share.

One thing is I can't do anything holiday related.


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Penguin stuff on Enchanted Learning Site

Some of the things here are free---I was looking for Thanksgiving and Christmas crafts and you can click on those and get free directions and pictures.

But when you click on the penguin stuff, you cannot print it unless you pay the $20 yearly subscription, but you can look at the items so it may give you some ideas!

To be honest, it looks like they have a ton of stuff for every topic you could ever want or need---so I may pay and join! Seems like lots of good things you could download!