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Wisdom Teeth Torture


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I don't think anyone was making assumptions, just surmising various possibilities.

Many years ago my H got his wisdom teeth out right before Christmas. He was miserable and in great pain. He went back in after the holidays and found out he had been suffering with an infection.


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After being weaned off the really good stuff for the triple fracture in my left arm, it was recommended that I alternate every 4 hours, 2 Tylenol and then 3 Motrin. It definitely helped.

I hope you're pain free very soon.


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Nope haven’t drank out of a straw. Finally starting to feel some relief. Thank goodness. Sorry for those of you who experienced pain afterwards.

I just want real food.


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I just want real food.

That was the hardest thing for me LOL. I was in HS when I got my wisdom teeth out, so still living at home. I about lost it on my mom when I found out she bought me sugar free jello. It only had 10 calories! I was supposed to live on that?? I remember being so excited to have a pretty boring sandwich the first day I was allowed to have "real" food (I was at my HS job, so it had to be portable).


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I get it

By day 3 my daughter was "hangry" and refused any more soup, mashed potatoes, shakes, or dumplings. LOLLOLLOL She was going to eat real food or starve trying. LOL