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2 of my boys (16 yo) are getting their wisdom teeth out tomorrow. I am more nervous than they seem to be. I keep getting a sick stomach. I had the absolute worst experiences as a child with my teeth.

Please pray for all to go well for ALL of us! I should have asked my dh take the day off! They are scheduled back to back. I should have thought ahead.

Nervous trip...


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I'll pray that all goes smoothly! (and your nerves are calm)

My DD14 had 8 teeth pulled a couple of months ago, no wisdom teeth. She did fine. She was sore for a couple of days, we kept her on pain killers, and then all was fine.



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Use the ice packs even if there is no swelling. Quit too soon with my daughter.
Put them both in the back seat and do the child safety locks. The oral surgeon here had a patient open the car door while still coming out of the anesthesia.


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From a previous post:
Prepare easy to eat foods:jello, broth soups, puddings, yogurts etc.
Wear comfortable clothes and socks on your feet. Most surgery suites are cool or even cold. Expect bruising-I still have a perfect thumb print on my lower jaw-yellow bruise. Dampen washcloths or small towels and place in zip lock bags-freeze. or a bag of frozen corn/peas make good ice packs and contour to the jaw. Put older pillow cases on pillow-you may drool blood tinged stuff at first-yuck! Sleep/rest/sleep/rest and drink fluids. Take the pain meds BEFORE you need them!!!
My DS had his out in Aug. It took a long time for him to chew again and he had lots of milkshakes. No problems except being sore. The tip about the pillow case was great, as he did have a little bit of blood at first when he got home. Also the bags of veggies work best, as they contour to the jaw. I kept reminding him to take the pain pills all week, which seemed to help with any discomfort.
Good luck.


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as I read some of my advice from a post a while back. Also DO NOT use straws as you can suck the blood clot loose and end up with a dry socket.

Not sure how old your kids are but don't be afraid to ask for assistance getting them into the car.

add mashed potatoes to the food list...any leftover gravy???

most oral surgeons offices will call later to see how they are doing.


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Wisdom Teeth

I had all 4 of mine mine taken out when I was 21... two days after college graduation lol

One tip that I don't see listed: I get very nauseous from pain pills and anesthesia. I called the oral surgeon in advance and told them this, they had Zofran put in my IV during the procedure. I just had slight nausea after being home for awhile but nothing compared to had I not informed them ahead of time.

I also had to take antibiotics before hand due to my heart murmur.

I had swelling, bruising, and my lips were really cracked/dry from having my mouth open so long during the surgery. We got extra Chapstick when we picked my Rx up. Of course, no straws so as to avoid dry sockets.

However, my pain really was minimal. I had somebody with me the day I had them out but was alone that night and thereafter. I only took my pain pills the day of surgery and the day after... the pain really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I was really just uncomfortable more than anything. :) I was able to eat "real" food completely after about a week... but I was also just really cautious.

My stitches were dissolve-able so I didn't have to go back to the surgeon at all. I hope everything goes smoothly for your boys!


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They will do fine! Make sure you have plenty of pain killers ready to go and that they take them before pain sets in. I would also have some XS Motrin on hand in case the pain pills make them nauseaous or dizzy. When I had my wisdom teeth out, all four of them, I never needed anything stronger than XS Tylenol and that was only for about two days. The pain was never intense. I was just sore and my jaw was kind of stiff for a few days.



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I don't think this has been mentioned yet; have some tea bags on hand. If bleeding becomes a problem bite down on a wet tea bag. It helps more than plain gauze.


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Such good advice you guys. I didn't even know or think about half of this! Thank you too for not giving me a bunch of horror stories.

Still nervous, but feeling a little better!

Alicia G

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Most kids do fine...

Surely your boys will do fine too.

Lots of wonderful hints.

Great time to watch movies, play easy games, sleep, and slurp milkshakes.