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Wish I could remember what I've learned...


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Does it ever feel like you forgot everything you learned in college? I'm in my second year teacher and I feel I do pretty well, getting through the day, managing the students, but I realize (especially when I read these boards) that I'm not always doing what I learned I should do! Making notes on student's progress, organization, conferences... Sometimes I feel like I'm just "surviving" and not doing what I should do to make things the best that they could be. Anyone else feel like this?


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survival mode

I totally feel that way. I'm happy if I get my plans written, and the stack of papers in front of me graded. Then I realize I haven't kept track of homework for a couple of days, or I haven't returned the last parents phone call, or I forgot to sign up for a school committee, or on and on...

Viola Swamp

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I'm in the same boat

I learned all these great techniques and ideas, and I'm making an effort to try to keep them implemented in my classroom but there's so much to do!

I feel like I'm doing a pretty good job being a first year teacher, but there are some days that I go home just feeling like I'm not good enough. There's always something I forgot that I wanted to do or that I lose track of, etc.


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That's the problem

That is the biggest problem! When you finally do get your own classroom---that's actually when you really start learning how to teach! What you "learned" is a skeleton. Now, when you are truly on your own (no supervising teacher, college books, etc) you really start to learn what works for YOU. Just remember, what works today, may not work tomorrow or even next year. Keep what does, and don't be afraid to admit that something doesn't work---just move on. It will take you at least 3 years before you feel like you have a handle on things. Take care.....continue to grow, learn, and adapt. Be flexible! Have fun and laugh at your mistakes. We all make them----even the old ones. Ha ha ha LOL LOL