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Wish List...



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Greetings My Fabulous Educators! I hope this note finds you all doing well. Quick question for you all.... I have never created a, "Wish List" for my classroom before and we are having Open House tomorrow and the VP just informed me that, it is at that time we should present the above. Now, I dont want to go crazy with this list, or can I? * BIG SMILES * So I was wondering if someone could give me some ideas of what you have placed on your Wish List before, or send me your list as an example! Now, I know my wishes arent going to be the same as yours, but just to get an idea of what I should ask for would be great... I was thinking books for the class library, blocks, items for dramatic play. Is this good? Any feedback is greatly appreciated!


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I think it's important to list things that vary in prices so parents from all socio-economic backgrounds can participate. I would also include some pricey things, too in case some of your parents are friends and go together to buy something. Just a few things I would include:

stamp pad
glitter glue
electric pencil sharpener
stapler (can you ever have enough?)
legos (sometimes parents will donate their children's old ones - after they outgrow them)
egg cartons (free)
meat trays (free)
toilet paper/paper towel rolls (free)
wide tape (packing)
shaving cream
books - new or gently used
page protectors
post it notes


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Some more items for your list

Here are some things I put on my wish list this year...
-2AA batteries for digital camera and clock
-Chlorox wipes to clean desks and other surfaces
-Whiteboard cleaner and Dry erase markers
-paper plates
-paper lunch bags
-cardstock (white and colors)
-Labels (Address size and 2X4" size)
-Headphones from Dollar Store

I try to include lots of "consumables" on my list...things I tend to run and buy at the last minute.