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Word Sorts



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I am doing DSA in my classroom using the Word Journeys book; but, I have a question. How do you go about teaching your words? Do you teach it in a whole group setting or do you divide your class into groups based on their levels? I have four groups in my classroom and while I am seeing a group the rest of the students are at their seats doing different activities with their words. I was just wondering how everyone else did theirs. Thanks!


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Really Good Stuff Reading

This catalog has some great word sorts! Some of them are picture sorts also! I use them for a center, but I want to use some of them as an extention for my file folder games.


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Picture This!

I use the book, "Picture This!" by Shari Nielsen-Dunn for sorts. It is absolutely fantastic! It has sorts for EVERYTHING including concepts, initial consonant sorts, initial blends, short vowel sounds initial and middle, etc. The best part is it has sorts for EVERY level of reading. Therefore, no matter what grade you are in it is still a valuable resource. I have had very postive responses using these sorts from both parents and students.

Here is the link: http://www.trcabc.com/search.asp?ProductID=1284

Hope this helps!