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Word Study


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I am interested in doing more word study with my students instead of the more traditional spelling instruction. Does anyone have ideas they would like to share? I also do reading and writing workshop in my classroom.



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good source

Words Their Way is a great word study resource. They also have companion books with all different sorts for different levels.


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word work 4 Blocks

You should look into the word work section of the 4 Blocks program. Word study is exactly what I do every day. It's interesting, and the kids love it.


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What I do for Word Study

Here are some things we might do during our Word Study block:
  • Making Words lesson (there's a book for this)
  • Word Sorts (I have "All Sorts of Sorts" book 1 and 2)
  • Vocabulary Wall - Each week we add 4 new words to our Vocabulary Wall. Currently I am using a box of transparency cards I bought from Lakeshore. I think it's called "Vocabulary Building Kit grades 1-3" Students record the words, part of speech, definition and sentence in their language spirals. We make word webs with the words, play "Guess the Word", and have periodic quizzes on the words. Students also get stickers any time they use these words in their own writing or find them in a book they are reading.
  • Word Building - using root, prefix and suffix tiles.
  • Guess the Covered Word lesson (there's a book for this, too)
Hope that helps out a little!


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Word wall words

What a teacher at my school does is instead of spelling words she comes up with 5 Word Wall WOrds (chosen from their writings) each week. On Mondays they have to write sentences with these words (at least 6 words per sentence) and they studey the whole sentence all week. On Friday the Word Wall Test is given and they have to write their whole sentence (or a new one if they can't remember it). The word wall words are on the board but the catch is that they have to spell EVERY word in their sentence correctly. The sentences are numbers 1-5, for 6-10, she will say things like "You know how to spell house (one of the WWW), now spell mouse."

Each student has their own Word Wall too (my idea to her haha), made out of 2 file folders taped together forming a "test folder" as well. All of their past WWW's are on their wall and they are incouraged to use those as well.