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Word Wall HELP

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Hi everyone!

I have never had a word wall (crazy!). I am big into balanced literacy and treasure my reader's and writer's workshop time. I keep getting told that I need to put a word wall up instead of having them use their personal dictionary. So my question is... how to you use the word wall?

Would any of you mind posting pictures of your word wall? I am worried about how much space I will need!!! I don't have a lot of space.


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word wall integration

One idea is that for one center, I have them put their current high frequency words of the week into their personal dictionary, right from the wall. (New words are starred.) Another center idea is a game where I choose a mystery word and give one hint. They write down which of the words they think it will be after #1. Then I give another hint. They write it down after #2. I give five hints in all. They record how many times they had guessed the correct word at the top, such as +2. They like to try and beat their own score on this from the week before. You can use with with the whole group if you prefer.

Re: space
Mine is on cabinets this year so it is huge. In the past I've tried it on folding cardboard displays that I could take down after Literacy Block. That might work for you.


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word wall

I have a huge word wall in my room. It takes up at least 16 feet above my windows which are about 3 feet wide and 1 foot tall. I put black paper on the wall. Then I have my alphabet letters. I used multi colored cards to put the words on. That helps them distinquish between all the wh, th etc words. It is visible from any desk in the room. At this time, there are not many words on it as I add them after we have used them in spelling. As a previous poster mentioned, once I have some more I will begin the mystery word hints. They really love that! We also chant and have movements when we are first learning the words. I am not sure hot to post a picture, but it you will send me your email, I'll send you a picture.