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Wordle: question about "hard mode"....


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We have a family group text where we post our Wordle results daily, and I also have a group of Facebook friends who do it. Recently, some of the Facebook friends have decided that anything except "hard mode" is cheating. <!--eyebrow-->

If you don't know, "hard mode" means that you MUST use all green and yellow letters in your next guess, and you MUST NOT use any gray letters in your guesses. I've always played this way, thinking it was just the right way to play, unaware that others were using different strategies to narrow down the letters.

I like playing in "hard mode", and don't care if others play a different way and get the answer in fewer guesses that way. My family group feels the same. But the Facebook posts are getting crazy, as some people are REALLY competitive lol!



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When we teach reading and math we teach the kids a variety of strategies.
There is more than one way to get an answer and not everyone is the same.

Even in cooking there are different recipes and ways to roast a chicken, boil an egg, bake a potato. The people in the instant pot group I followed were fanaticism that their way was the best way to boil an egg. They never considered the model of the instant pot, altitude, or size of the egg.

I see Wordle the same way. Playing hard mode doesn’t mean someone is better at the game. They are locked into the strategy they prefer. Sometimes my third guess will have no previous letters. I usually find another letter to use. It’s just a different strategy.

When I taught I applauded the use of different strategies. We called it flexible thinking.


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I didn't know there were modes! lol

From the desciption, I don't play the hard mode. I sometimes use a word with none of the green or yellow letters as a strategy.
wildflowerz, I'm with you. I use different strategies based on the way the game is going.
I don't consider something other than hard mode cheating.
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I did it in hard mode today just because of this thread. I got it in 3. If I’d used my usual eliminate as many letters as possible method it would have taken more guesses. So much depends on that first word. Nothing is cheating if it’s within the rules.


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I didn’t know there were different modes. I guess I always use hard mode just because for me it is the most efficient way. But cheating? That’s a little nuts. We just use different strategies. Plus how can you cheat if you’re not playing against anyone? It’s a one person game.


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I guess I use hard mode, but I only share my scores with my sister and my hubby. I don’t care if they get better scores than I do. I read an article where NYTimes (I think), said most people cheat on the game. I assumed that meant they looked up five letter words using letters they knew. Maybe it meant they didnt use hard mode.


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That is the way I have always played unless I have a brain lapse and use a yellow letter in the same spot twice or a gray letter I had already played. Who knew I was doing it the 'hard' way??!! <!--giggle-->