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Wordly Wise


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Does anyone out there use Wordly Wise? Our fourth and fifth grade teachers use it and like, but I have never used it before. I am looking to strenghten my vocabulary instruction and wondered about others experience with this? Thanks!


Wordly wise

I am a third grade teacher at Newberry Elementary School in Memphis, TN
We use Wordly Wise I love it

Homeschl mom

Use it, like it

We use it and like it. Although it is fine to do as an individual, it's also fine to have students buddy up together with it. I'm sure you can also dream up a lot of other ideas for using the words.


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Love It

I have used it for four year and think it is great! I read the "E" section first with my kids and then assign bits of the lesson for homework over the period of about a week and a half. The kids use the words in their writing, and I have all of them posted on our classroom wall. They notice so many Wordly Wise words in the books they read. I test students after each lesson, and most of them regularly do very well b/c the workbook exercises are such good practice.