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Words Their Way Homework?



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I don't require that they do spelling homework every night, but this is what I suggest they do.

Monday: Sort their words and explain to parents why they are sorted that way, then mix them up and speed sort.

Tuesday: No peeking sort

Wednesday: Word hunt

Thursday: Writing sort


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Word Study Menu

I use a word study menu. The children select a choice each night.

I will attach it!
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word hunt

When students do word hunt do you provide the material or do they just choose from what they have at home?


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Word Hunt

I have students do a word hunt in class using magazines that were sent into the room in the beginning of the year. That way they can cut and glue the words they find.


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Here's what I do...

After copying a class set, I cut all of them on the lines and send home the appropriate strip. I've considered sending the entire sheet home on Monday, but I worry they'll do it ALL on Monday and do nothing the rest of the week. I want them to practice a little bit a day.

By the way, I give my spelling tests on Thursdays so I can correct and record them so they're ready to go home in their Friday Folders.

I pretest on Mondays and assign them the appropriate list. I had three different lists per week. I've attached a copy of the homework for one of my "easy" lists.
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