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Words Their Way


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Does anyone have any advice for beginning to use Words Their Way? Our district has us use our required sight word list for our spelling words, but of course that doesn't meet every child's needs. Some of those sight words are much too easy for children reading in Level 20 books (based on the DRA). How can I implement Words Their Way and make it manageable?


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Give the assessment test first

Our school, too, uses a set list of words that is often too easy for some of the children. I always give the Words Their Way test three times a year just so I can track the development of each child's spelling progress. (I use the primary word list.) For those students scoring in a higher level than our program is currently focusing on, I choose words from their stage. I get the words right form the Words Their Way book (at the back) and make up word sorts for them. (a template is there as well) I then look for other activity sheets that focus on that particular skill for them to complete throughout the week. I try to group children together so they can work in small groups. Sometimes the weekly testing of their words can get tricky with individual spelling lists, but a parent volunteer would be ideal for this.
I recommend keeping a binder of all the worksheets and the masters of word sorts you create so you can use them again. Good luck!