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Workbook Publisher Names


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Hi, I'm a new Sub but a lot of times I don't have anything good planned for the kids when their teacher doesn't assign work for the class (and of course that turns into mayhem). I was wondering if you can give me the names of some publishing companies that make good activity books that I can make coppies of to keep them busy. I teach/watch all grades. Anything would be helpful.


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go to a local teacher store

They will have tons there. You don't always have to use a worksheet either, have a few educational games or centers (depending on grade level, I am lower elem.) on head or in mind too.



Mailbox Magazine offers subscriptions. They cover all grade levels and have ideas for all subject areas. You can get a subscription or the if you have a teachers store they usually carry copies. Subscribe for a year and you can use ideas over and over.


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Work Books

Evan Moor and Scholastic make some good ones. The one I have from Evan Moore is called "How to Plan Your School Year" and it is from grades K-6. It has a lot of teacher resources, but also ideas for centers and some worksheets kids can do with a sub. I also agree that you could have some educational games in your head in case you need stuff to do. I can't think of any off hand, but I know there are some fun spelling and vocabulary games you could play.