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workbooks - to tear or not to tear

Classroom Management 


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I'm returning to kindergarten after a few years in first grade. I never used workbooks in kindergarten before, but this year I am going to try using a math workbook. In first grade, we used a bookmark to keep track of our place in our book and just left the pages in the workbook, but I'm wondering what is the best idea with kindergartners. Should we try using a bookmark to keep track of our place or should I (meaning me and any parent helpers I can rustle up) tear out the pages and pass them out like a worksheet?


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I always tear

I always tear the pages out of the math book. Ours is almost 300 pages and way too big for little kids, plus I can't keep them in the chair pockets. Also, my district's pacing guide follows a different order than the book, so a bookmark would do little good, as we jump around. I have my assistant or a parent volunteer (or sometimes a substitute) rip out two or three chapters at a time. That usually gets us through about 6-8 weeks, then we rip out some more.


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I have always torn them out. Mainly because I don't have chair pockets or desks to store them in so it reduces the transition time when I hand them out versus them going to their cubbies and bringing it back to their seats. Besides, if you have one that tends to tear things at least it is just one page versus a whole workbook. :)


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Thank you for this post. I was trying to decide how many chapters to pull out. I guess I will try to get my parent helper tomorrow to tear out 3-4 chapters to be on the safe side. :)


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Last year was

our first year with work books.

I had parents rip them out a week ahead of time. This job is a pain. This year, over the summer I had our district print shop cut the books through on the left side, so the pages don't need to be ripped, just taken out. Much easier!


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My husband cuts off the spines with his bandsaw. Works great! Then I make my children collate and stack them up. Much easier than tearing out all year.


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Book bindings

I agree with the previous posts...have the binding cut off! We take our workbooks to our local newspaper and they do it for us. Sorting all the pages is a big job, but it is SOOO nice to just grab the pages as you need them.


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workbooks tear vs. no tear

Kindergarteners + Workbooks = Nightmare

If you can't have someone cut the spines off for you, then find that helpful parent who will take the time to tear and collate the pages. The first week of seeing K's trying to manage workbooks at a table or on desks is one thing (bad), but imagine what they will look like after the sixth month.

Of course, there will be the couple of children who may do wonderfully at this task, and you certainly may be able to train them like seals to handle workbooks, but that's probably not how you want to spend the majority of your time and sanity during math.