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workshop by Bureau of Education & Research


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Has anyone ever been to a workshop provided by BER? I am looking to see if anyone has anything positive to say about their workshops. Thanks


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That's funny...I just asked the same ? about a month ago. I went to one recently for reading specialists and literacy coaches...my 1st one and it was well worth it. If you have a chance I absolutely recommend it..some of the best training and ideas I've gotten in a long time:D


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I've been to many BER workshops. They've all been very well done and worth the money. The ones I've been to have all dealt with reading......guided reading, reading workshop, lit. circles, etc.


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In five years, I haven't been disappointed yet. The best was a 2-day seminar with something like 20 different sessions to choose from (ranging from 1 hour to half-day.) That was the BEST!



yes...loved them all. Math, Reading and Writing--all beneficial!!


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ber workshops

I've been to 7 or 8 of their workshops. All but one were excellent... I called them about the one I was disaapointed with and they offered me a complete refund. Very good company... excellent workshops... very practical... lots of things you can use tomorrow.


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Not only do they give you a great workshop, but they give you a book that basically reviews everything you learned. It contains things that you can copy and use in your class. I've been to many, and they were all good (and I tend to be negative about inservice speakers).


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I've taken "practical classroom strategies to make inclusion work" with Sonya Kunkel. She was AWESOME. Like the PP, I'm very critical of conferences and presenters. She gave us tons of PRACTICAL ideas to take back to the classroom!


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I've also been to severeal BER workshops and I've loved them all. Cheryl Sweeny does some literacy ones and she's amazing if you get a chance to see her speak.

I agree with the PP who said the resource book is a great tool. I reference mine from different workshops all the time.

I think BER gives great, affordable seminars. Enjoy!


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Love them

I, too, love the BER conferences. Like Nancy R, all but one were worth while. I wrote how disappointed I was on the survey/evaluation at the one that I didn't like and they sent me a coupon to attend another conference free. I didn't expect it, so it was a nice surprise.

I wish I could remember the ones that I liked the best. One was on solving math word problems, and the other was with Jim Trelese (who wrote The Read-Aloud Handbook). I've enjoyed others, but these were my favorites.