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Worried about son


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I am really worried about my oldest son. He is in third grade and attends a school where I do not teach. He has always been quiet and somewhat anxious around people. He enjoys doing things by himself like reading and art. My concern is that he seems to lack social skills. He has a younger brother age 3 and he is in Scouting and Basketball. At these activities, I have observed him participating but not interacting with others. His teachers say he is doing very well academically and that he is quiet socially. They say he is a pleasure to have in class but hard to get to know. He is on medication (Adderall) for hyperactivity, because when he is off meds he makes "noises" and believe it or not is very loud and hard to get along with. What do I do? As a teacher I am suspecting Aspergers. As a parent, I am very worried. I have never had a teacher or guidance counselor at his school suggest this to me. Where do I turn? Any suggestions are welcome.


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Check with your son's school psychologist

My oldest son was a loner at that time in his life, too, and I worried a lot about him, too. when I subbed at his school I would see him walking around all by himself on the playground and it broke my heart! His teachers said he was 'a hard read' and difficult to get to know, didn't talk in class, etec. Now he is in 9th grade and 9 out of 10 times when the phone rings, it's for him! So his shyness and awkwardness was just something he needed to grow out of.
If you are really worried about your son, please talk with his teacher. There are checklists that you can fill out at home and that his teacher can fill out that your school psychologist can provide. Talk with the school psychologist and tell him/her your worries. It's probably nothing, but if it IS something then now is the time to find out.
I'd talk with your pediatrician about the meds he is taking. There could be side effects that govern his social behavior/energy levels.

Good luck!

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You can look at they specific symptoms online under DSM-IV. That is the checklist that the psychologist would use to see if your child has Asperger's.