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Wow...3 posts in a row. It's like Bingo. Happy vent..requisition form



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In my almost 20 years of teaching I've never been allowed to order supplies. If I wanted it I had to buy it. I was just told to make sure I filled out requisition form(s) for whatever I wanted for next year.

Budget? No, not really.

Almost $400 later I'm done. I'm feeling a little naughty. <!--misspeak--> I had a good time. :D<!--giggle--> Spending other people's money is REALLY fun. :D


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I’m glad you had fun and got what you needed. The only time I didn’t have a budget was at the beginning of my career in a private school. Always had a $300 budget in the public school. Plus if there was money left over in the winter the principal would ask us to put in another order if we needed anything else.

Teachers should never have to spend their own money on teaching supplies. I’m very happy for you.


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So nice! I agree about spending other people's money. I've almost hit $20,000 for next year. How many teachers ever get to do that?! :D I totally get the naughty feeling. ;)


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Husband's supplies

My husband just started a new job. I was getting some pictures in frames for him to put in his new office. I asked him if he needed any supplies or a calendar. He said, "Um, honey, if I need something, the office will provide it for me. It's not like a school."

Wow! That was a real Oprah "a ha" moment for me. I am just so used to buying the supplies I (and the kids) need. And I am SO over it!


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I asked my boss if I spent too much money and she laughed. I think I could have spent twice that and she would have been ok with it. I really want to get flex seating and bean bags, but I don't know what room I'll be in. If I'm in the library office, I won't have space for it. I bet I can order at the beginning of next year.

I'm so excited. I've NEVER been able to order before.