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Write From the Beginning


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Is anyone using this program? It is based out of North Carolina and I have used it in kindergarten and have used some traits now in third grade. We are adopting this program for the next school year. We currently have open court which stinks for writing. Although I like what I see I plan on supplementing with other resouces I have. I haven't used six-traits before but have some information on that program also. Can they be brought together? Is one better than the other?


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Writing program

I have used Write from the Beginning for the past 6 years, in 5th, 4th, 3rd and 2nd grades. At the school I teach in now, it is required, as is using Thinking Maps. I don't like being told that I must use a program, but with that being said, it does a good job of building structure. My 2nd graders knew the first day of school that when they begin writing they must use a circle map to start off with, then choose 3 things from the circle map to put in a flow map, then add details. I teach in a Title I school, and writing is definitely not a strength. This program has at least improved the structure and focus of the kids' writing. I have used Write Traits as well....I don't think that they are very different. Hope this was helpful!