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Writing a Good Lead?

Language Arts | Writing 


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I want to introduce the concept Writing Good Leads for Writer's Workshop with a brief mini lesson before having them go back to try rewriting the beginnings to some of their stories in their folders.

How do you introduce this skill?
I am looking for any new ideas for grade 2 I can add to my bag of tricks.:D


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Writing Leads

Google Writing Good Leads powerpoint and choose the one that is I believe from Nebo School District. It gives the different types of leads as well as gives some great examples from different books! Good Luck!


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Find leads you like

and share them with the class. Then try to write a similar lead. I love the lead in Because of Winn Dixie.

Ellie's Mom

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Task Cards for Leads

I'd posted these on another board but they might help.
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Great leads

I found books that matched the types of leads that I wanted to teach: Where, why, action, ect. I gave the books to the kiddos and had one at a time read just the first line and we wrote it on chart paper. Then we talked about what made it good (made us want to read on) and then, I let the kiddos "name" the leads using the ones that we had written down. Then, in a group I gave them each a sticky note to write a lead (we used a scary story). Then we all came back and shared the leads and catagorized them by what types they were.
The next day, we reviewed, then I sent them back to their seats to write 2 leads with a partner for a fall story. We catagorized those as well. The next day they did it on their own. Etc... I am sure you are getting my drift.
Now, if a kiddo has a hard time getting started we look at our Leads poster and they usually can go from there.
I also have kiddos who have written a great lead share at author's chair. (Can you tell this is what I am currently working on at school as well! :) )